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In the history of a civilization mono to designate the XX century without any stretches and exaggerations a century of a celebration of reason: development of electricity, opening of radio, structure and energy of atom, a genetic code, informatics, an exit in near-earth space and mn. another. However however these hosannas were not high, in a bigger degree it is possible to call it a century of madness.

A century of fabulous richness of overwhelming minority before suppressing the majority of poverty, love and hatred, hope and disappointment. And whether it is possible to call a reason celebration if only for 50 years of one century two world wars on which sacrifice altar the mankind brought about 100 million souls came true. For the same time of people managed to experience a chlorine smell, to learn by the same experience what is a tulyaremiya, anthrax, napalm, vacuum bombs. At last celebration top - lit the whole world “supernew“ Almagorda, bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truly with great strides NTP began to move, absolutely nearby remained to N - Baume. And here at last tormently long creative searches the world sighed a full breast: created something over, over. And not just created but tested: Novaya Zemlya shuddered, its glaciers began to cry, covered with radioactive fogs nearly a half of Europe. Let any aggressor to us will try to rypnutsya now - immediately on own skin learns “Kuzma`s mother“. Powers loudly and for the whole world did not fail to declare: the weapon of unprecedented force, but also means of control of the attempt of renewal of wars is created not just. The third world not to be! The second in the history of a civilization was the last.

However having told And politicians did not work to tell B that by the definition this weapon cannot be neither is used, nor is demanded, and is created only to preserve itself, the so-called philosophical category “transcendental object“ in confirmation of correctness of the paradigm moved forward and one “incontestable“ argument “only thanks to existence of YaO already for 70 years continues to move forward so far the peace is preserved, the globe does not shudder from world wars“. But the reason of this relative tranquility of not shudder, as if it did not seem strange, not the superweapon, and World War II with its enormous irreplaceable victims are. And whether could come to mind to any militant maniac to the president, even at exclusive possession of YaO to begin with a Third. It is sure, for the second day such glavkoverkh it would be degraded by the congress in ordinary moreover and with service on Alaska. And whether the Third was potentially possible World if the control weapon was not created, you judge. It, even in the presence of that, having begun at the beginning of 50 - x for one day from these seventy years did not stop. It proceeds now, and to it Moloch on a sacrifice altar, tidies up every year not less than one million souls. And where this notorious factor of control if the number of the dead without announcement of the Third already exceeds losses in World War II? Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Iran - Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, India - Pakistan, Russia - the North Caucasus. And India and Pakistan, owners of YaO, were thoroughly adjusted to exchange nuclear attacks and having scratched napes passed to a usual fight. No, were afraid not of an exchange of hot handshakes - sanctions of the UN. And to great powers to carry them, the hand somehow is not raised, hardly, even after an exchange of “courtesy visits“ between these countries the Third could flash. Another matter China, USA, or Russia. But why it is asked to the States to apply for the territory of the Russian Federation if they and without resorting to a war in a state to buy to itself any region of our country to them fallen in love. During modern times everything is bought, everything is on sale. How many now across Russia of plants, enterprises and even oil-bearing provinces belongs to the uncle Sam? Unfortunately, such information not for general use. It is enough to tell that even in an inner sanctum of America of New - York nearly the third part of its square belongs to foreigners (the international capital). There is China: here to it, with one and a half billion population the territory, even unsuitable for accommodation (Yakutia, Chukotka, Siberia) is really necessary also the unambiguous looks on these territories for a long time not only direct, but on the sly and at all without resorting to “a control factor“ and on quite legal grounds master our trans-Ural spaces. It is enough to marry to the Chinese the Russian citizen, to give birth to one - two metises and they are already citizens and Russia and China in one person. Process goes, the flywheel of progress gains steam. For what the mankind with such persistence and intensity produces weapons which obviously, nobody ever will use, even in a situation when it would seem in it there are full bases? An example of that Israel where since the moment of its education and in the presence at it YaO goes permanent war with Arabs. Just the last well know and are sure of that that the control weapon will never be involved. And whether for a long time on the earth under nuclear aegis the ephemeral peace without uniform day of the world will be preserved? Continuation in the second part.