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Whether it is necessary to take with itself on a wedding of children?

the Wedding are a joyful event and a pleasant occasion to meet to many relatives and friends. As a rule, on such actions walk in couples, families … But if in a young family there is a small child, the question of its presence on a celebration becomes very debatable if not to tell - problem. Whether so the place to children at a wedding?

the Position of newlyweds

the Wedding - an event important, joyful and very disturbing. At the majority it happens all time in life, and there is a strong wish that everything passed well, orderly and beautifully.

Certainly that if newlyweds already have children or the bride marries, being a pregnant woman, then children, most likely, at a wedding will be. But in other cases practically always young people (let also do not speak about it directly) - against kids on the holiday.

In - the first, both a wedding ceremony, and the first dance of the groom with the bride, and a ceremony of removal of a veil - the touching, lyrical moments which atmosphere does not want to be broken excess sounds, words and actions. But just at this moment (and nobody can foresee it) someone`s child can begin to complain, be capricious, to ask something, to roll up a hysterics … Naturally, will draw attention to itself, and the touching moment will be that is called missed.

Besides if all adults firmly understand a reason in which all gathered, then for children it has no value. And if the child is already able to speak, he just in unison “in wealth and poverty, in an illness and health …“ can begin to comment on someone`s dress, to ask questions of the why-asker or to ask for a toilet. All this vanity will be unpleasant to young people. At the same time it is worth meaning that all events, most likely, register in video.

Children not only have the day regimen and food, but also constantly require attention. Therefore, except already considerable number of efforts before a wedding, inviting couples with children, young people should think of the menu and leisure for kids. Because salads and a shish kebab, roughly speaking, you will not feed them. And they will hardly participate in adult competitions. And mother or the father who are personally trying to entertain and feed the child is the “lost“ guests who for a second will not be able to disregard the child to have fun together with all.

Parents, recovering on a wedding together with children, most often think, as to the kid it can be interesting there. He will look at the beautiful princess (bride), will present him balloons, he will have beautiful and qualitative photos from a celebration. But most often to children it is uncomfortable there - loud music, drunk guests, shouts “Bitterly!“ etc. Young people do not see the guest from - that the child does not want to be separated from mother. And if mother sometimes also snatches the moment to dance, transferring to the child to someone to other of guests, soon all collective of invited turns into nurses who calm, amuse small the capricious child.

At a wedding where there are children, the situation of general confusion can take place: some guests, including parents of the kid, will behave is held down, trying to look decently at children and being afraid to make or tell something superfluous. In such situation about any relaxation and fun out of the question.

Therefore, gathering for a wedding, all - it is possible to leave the child with the grandmother, the nurse or other authorized representative for a couple of hours, devoting all the time of the stay during the holiday to exclusively newly married.

the Position of guests

If is invited by

to a wedding all family, then there can be no exceptions. Especially as children love holidays at all not less, than adults, and at a wedding to them will be much more cheerful, than houses with the grandmother or the nurse. Besides children can take offense that parents went to have fun without them and, at best, brought only a cake piece since a holiday.

However, going with the child to a wedding, it is necessary to think over in advance that he will eat where to sleep when it on the mode has a dream and what to be engaged during wakefulness. For certain it is necessary to take with itself baby food and favourite toys, and also to control itself not to drink superfluous, not to leave the child unguarded, not to lose it in crowd of guests or not to forget where - nibud. It is also in advance necessary to agree with the host that did not attract you in various competitions and actions, and with someone from guests - about the car that could bring home in case to the child it becomes bad or he will be tired.

Going to a wedding and planning to take with itself the child, it is desirable to take an interest at young people in advance whether there will be there still children.

Independent opinion

Yana: “I consider that to children at a wedding not the place. In - the first, they will not allow adults to relax and why then to go to celebrate something if not to relax? In - the second, will quickly play enough, will be tired and will begin to be capricious. Plus little children are not always accurate, obedient and can disturb the leader in holding a wedding“.

Alyona: “Against children at a wedding, especially, if they are younger 3 - x years. Because small children are especially sensitive and require to themselves undivided attention. Plus - discrepancy of priorities: parents want to have a good time and take a walk, and the child at such age - to sleep, eat also attention. Besides, numerous guests and noisy music can tire him“.

Evgenia: “My categorical opinion - the child needs to be left at home. Well to it it can be interesting at a wedding? Feast? Trite competitions? Noisy dances? It only will also do what to fidget at me on a lap, to climb in a plate and to be nagged when I where - nibud distract. And to it it will be bad, and I will not relax. In total - sometimes and to parents it is necessary to have a rest. Therefore it is only possible to choose one: either to have fun, or to nurse“.

Victoria: “To my child was two when we were invited to a wedding. Of course, he behaved quietly, did not cry, but I worried all the time that it did not happen at the most unnecessary moment. And then, when in three hours my sister took away it to herself - worried whether in time he went to bed and whether rolled up a hysterics to her. Generally what is with it that without it - plainly had not a rest“.