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How to connect the Internet at the dacha?

How to organize connection to the Internet in the country, for example at the dacha? In article we will in detail describe the most popular ways of the solution of this problem. Let`s try to understand what option most will suit you. These councils can be applied also to commercial real estate (warehouses, offices and other non-residential premises). the Problem of the organization of Internet access costs

, probably, in the most part of Russia in the territory outside the cities, that is at our favourite dachas. For anybody not a secret that development of communications in direct ratio of remoteness from the next large city, and this situation extremely slowly changes. Let`s take for an example the Moscow region in which only the first 10 kilometers from MKAD are more or less covered with the Internet on ethernet. The rest needs search of other options.

Versions of the solution of this problem a little:

1. Is very expensive to carry out optics from the next coupling which usually settles down along the federal highway or near the large settlement. Then the cost of laying will be estimated in most cases in millions, but speed will be very high, without dzhitter (and other losses of packages), and a monthly fee not too big. Pluses: stable synchronous speed of data transmission.

2. Slightly cheaper - it is a satellite plate. Not really expensively in installation, but the monthly fee finishes your already deplorable budget as the inveterate hunter of a wounded woodcock. At the same time speed will be such that you run to the refrigerator with beer more than once until your favourite website opens. Minuses: bad quality of a communication channel, low speed. Pluses: the Internet in hard-to-reach spots (lowlands, ravines, mountains and other).

3. Even cheaper - it is the directed antenna (for example infinet) which will look on priyemno - the transferring antenna of provider and to hold speed under good visibility conditions about 10 Mbps (the maximum speed, in very good conditions, can reach 50 Mbps). If the wood or other obstacle closes direct visibility then already the Internet will not go at all. Set cost: 8-20 thousand rubles + connection to provider and a monthly fee (here everything depends from a hotelok and monopolizirovannost in this territory of provider). The main problem is to find provider, to agree with him about installation on a roof (or any other high place) priyemno - the transferring antenna.

4. Absolutely cheap is an installation 3G of the antenna on a roof of the giving, with 3G the modem onboard and this - the card from mobile network operator which covered the territory with the fine 3G Internet. Naturally, the antenna has to “look“ at a base station. At this type of connection downloading speed in the Moscow region does not exceed on average 3 Mbps, and sending packages and that is less, on average than no more than 0,5 Mbps. Such Internet will approach only for surfing, mail and Skype (a voice communication without video). The price of a monthly fee very tempting, it is possible here and for 200 rub/month quietly to sit and not to buzz.

In conclusion I will notice that what option you would not choose, at first it is better to formulate for himself a task - for what I need the Internet and as I will use it. If at you it is impossible to be defined, then, of course, it is better to address professionals and to assign this question to them.