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Where to have a rest on the weekend? In Europe!

Were tired of daily routine at work, and before holiday still far? Do not despond, it is possible to arrange himself excellent rest at the weekend abroad! I offer you a selection from five countries of the budgetary rest in Europe. Everything that can be visited in two days of a weekend, and is inexpensive! Note

that visit of the countries of Europe requires the Schengen multivisa. So if you are an owner of such allowing document, then you can go without difficulties on the vacation.

This short-term travel to one of the countries of Europe will introduce more variety, the brightest memoirs and unusual impressions in your life. The choice only for you.

1. Poland (Warsaw)

Housing . The room in budget hotel will cost per day you from 700 RUB (65. 00 PLN).

Food . I advise to test such national dishes: “æóðåê“ (sour soup on special ferment) - 80,00 RUB (7,00 PLN), “handsprings“ (soup from beef stomachs) - 172,00 RUB (15,00 PLN), and “áèãîñ“ (cabbage with meat).

Transport . The public city transport works - from 5:30 till 23:00. It is possible to get travel per day - 138,00-218,00 RUB (12,00-19,00 PLN). In Warsaw there is a subway.

Sights . Begin acquaintance to Warsaw with Old Myasto (The old city) - the most beautiful district of the city, visit the Town hall and the Royal castle. Near the Old city the Market square is located. I advise to visit the Warsaw Aleksandrovsky citadel. And by all means glance in the National and Historical museums. The entrance to the museums costs usually 57,00-172,00 RUB (5,00-15,00 PLN).

Shopping . As a souvenir bring “Zubrovka“ (alcoholic tincture) and “Babuni“ (cherry fruit liqueur).

2. Czech Republic (Prague)

Housing . The hotel accommodation of middle class costs from 1000 RUB (550 CZK) a day, including a breakfast.

Food . In Prague I advise to have dinner in “Restaurace“ - inexpensive cafes in which the lunch price - 173,00-208,00 RUB (100,00-120,00 CZK), (“Restaurant“ - expensive restaurants). Still the lunch will cost to you in pothouses cheaper (surely come into a pothouse and try the real Czech beer).

Transport . Across Prague it is possible to move by buses, trams, there is a subway. You can get the travel card per day - 110 CZK.

Sights . First of all visit Wenceslas Square at which there is St. Vaclav`s statue, and also glance in the Monumental National museum. The entrance to the museum costs about 104,00-173,00 RUB (60,00-100,00 CZK). Then come on one more known area - Staromestskaya. Surely visit Saint Nikolay`s temple. Free entrance.

Shopping . From the Czech Republic you can bring “Bekherovka“ (very strong alcoholic drink), laces, porcelain and pottery, products from glass, crystal.

3. Hungary (Budapest)

Housing . Night in hotel will cost you from 1500 RUB (9500 HUF) a day.

Food . I advise to visit Zherbo cafe (one of the most known coffee houses of Europe) and to regale on small pieces of Dobosh and Esterkhazi cakes (for 850 HUF for a piece), to test a cappuccino (750 HUF).

Transport . In Budapest there is a subway, trams, trolleybuses and buses.

Sights . Surely visit Buda Castle. Come into the National Historical museum and the National Museum of natural history. The museums are open from 10:00 till 18:00. Also by all means visit Andrashsha Avenue - the ceremonial prospectus of the capital.

I will add that sightseeing bus tour across Budapest costs 1895. 03 RUB (12500 HUF) for the person.

Shopping . Traditional souvenirs - a handiwork (ceramics, porcelain, dolls in national clothes). From Hungary surely bring Tokay wine, “Unique person“ (bitters on herbs).

4. Romania (Bucharest)

Housing . The room in budget hotel will cost you 1000 RUB (100 RON).

Food . The lunch in inexpensive cafe will cost 160,00-267,00 RUB (15,00-25,00 RON). Surely try “mitite“ (a sausage, fried on naked flame). Excellent “company“ to sausages will be kept by beer.

Transport . In Bucharest it is possible to go by buses, by trolleybuses, by trams and the subway. The price of a single trip on public transport - 24,00 RUB (2,20 RON). The travel card per day costs 43,00 RUB (4,00 RON).

Sights . At first I advise to visit the oldest part of Bucharest - the Old city. Here you will see the Parliament palace, the Triumphal arch and historical Revolution Square. Surely visit the National historical museum, the Museum of the Romanian peasantry. The entrance to the museums will cost you 75,00-214,00 RUB (7,00-20,00 RON).

Shopping . The Romanian wine and plum tincture (slivovitsa) is considered an excellent souvenir. The embroidered cloths, napkins, wooden caskets are considered as traditional souvenirs.

5. Bulgaria (Sofia)

Housing . Number of middle class costs from 500 RUB (20 BGN).

Food . Surely taste the well-known stuffed peppers - 97,00-170,00 RUB (4,00-7,00 BGN), “kebab“ (meat on a spit) - 170,00-219,00 RUB (7,00-9,00 BGN), “ãþâå÷“ (stewed meat with potatoes and vegetables. Very tasty traditional sheep cheese Shopsky salad - 97,00-146,00 RUB (4,00-6,00 BGN).

Transport . In Sofia a main type of transport - the tram. Buses, trolleybuses go. A single trip on public transport - 17,00 RUB (0,70 BGN), the price of the travel card per day - 49,00 RUB (2,00 BGN).

Sights . The most important sights which should be visited: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in which there is a Museum of icons, Narodnogo Sobraniya Square, the building of National assembly, before which there is a statue of the emperor Alexander II.

Shopping . From Bulgaria as souvenirs carry clothes with an embroidery, linen fabrics, a handiwork from skin. Surely buy raki (the Bulgarian vodka), mastic with smack of a grass of an alteyka.

Nevertheless whichever there was your choice, travel over the countries of Europe will deliver you the mass of pleasure, new feelings and will give to your life an unostentatious shade of freedom and liberation.