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Swimming. At what diseases the pool helps?

Swimming are the best physical activity at various diseases. Occupations in water exclude stretchings and overloads of an organism. Therefore the pool is necessary for people for maintenance and strengthening of the psychophysical state. Besides, swimming improves mood and calms nervous system.


Health of a cardiac muscle in many respects depends on that, how well it trains and enriched with oxygen. That there were no overloads, heart needs to be held in a tone. It strengthens it and reduces risk of a heart attack. Swimming improves inflow and outflow of blood from warmly - vascular system that enormously facilitates its work. Even after heart operations recommend the weakening swimming, as rehabilitation. Cardiologists consider that it provides the good dosed load of a cardiac muscle.

Respiratory system

If regularly to do swimming, then considerably improves work of respiratory system. At the correct breath in water, oxygen gets to all sites of lungs. Thanks to it, in them are prevented various stagnation. The respiratory system is involved to the maximum, its vital capacity increases twice, at the same time the broken breath functions are restored. During swimming hyperventilation of lungs is carried out thanks to what their muscles change, become more elastic, and various solderings resolve. Besides, mobility of lungs does not allow to settle to bacteria and microbes on their walls.

Nervous system

of Occupation in water help to cope with a depression. Improve work of nervous system. Calm and adjust on a favorable emotional background. Counterbalance processes of excitement and braking. What means: swimming will calm the excited person, and sluggish, on the contrary, invigorates. Also occupations provide good blood supply of a brain. And having much had a good swim, it is possible to get rid of sleeplessness.

of ORZ and cold

Catarrhal and infectious diseases is the best of all to prevent

a hardening. It means, to accustom the organism to different temperature conditions. Swimming in the pool as well as possible will help with it. All conditions of stay in it promote a hardening. Beginning from an undressing and washing in soul, finishing with swimming in cool water. Oporno`s

- the motive device

People with violations oporno - the motive device escape water procedures too. At severe forms of a disease swimming is contraindicated. And in other cases helps to cope with an illness. It is often possible to meet in the pool of such people accompanied by someone. As soon as they are lowered in water, they relax, get rid of pain and even not bad float in process of the forces. Other physical activities can do them harm. Swimming, on the contrary, softly stretches muscles and develops stagnant joints.

It should be taken into account that occupations by swimming will not be able to cope with a serious illness, and in certain cases they are contraindicated. Therefore before visit of the pool it is necessary to consult with the doctor.