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How it is correct to eat honey?

At the aunt it was possible to climb a kitchen garden fearlessly. The pirate, whose box stood under an old pear, in couple of steps from a back wall of the house, - is not counted. What serious threat from it … More true from them. Changing article, a coloring, curvature and the size of paws, a shape of ears, expression of a cunning, ingenuous or curious muzzle, four-leg watchmen remained with a traditional name.

If at the aunt on a garden could move freely, then in women plodovo - the berry diocese it was better for Brother-in-law not to be put. At most, for what there was enough determination - it is slightly to half-open a gate that conducted in a garden further away, in the kitchen garden located behind it. Only what for? And through a chink in the fence separating a farmstead from a garden the beehives in a disorder placed under fruit-trees and near currant bushes were well visible. And to hear as these bees spitefully buzz, it was possible and without approaching a fence.

Not, to women in a garden it was better for Shura not to be put. Only in August, before honey Saviour when the grandfather Erofey put on a special hat with the mesh cape covering the face and a neck pulled mittens and, having become similar to the real astronaut and having taken in hand already previously kindled and smoking okurivatel, left in a cage …

Here then could slip in a gate, but without coming off it it is far - you never know?! - to nestle a back on a fence and to watch how the grandfather, having calmed the begun to fuss bees a smoke screen, lifts a beehive cover, gets a wooden frame with honeycombs and stacks it in a big copper basin. One, second, third frame …

All. The cover laid down on the habitual place and the grandfather goes to gate. It is time to change a disposition. Not all bees remained with a beehive, some part flies behind a basin, being indignant with an impudent robbery of the fact that they with such work all summer by the sweat of the brow. I would be indignant too. But not now. Not before. It is necessary to move to the yard. And from angry bees far away, and the most interesting will be exactly here now.

Well, not absolutely here. Not in the yard. But to an extension to the house where the grandfather has a centrifuge, it is possible to get exactly from there. Or from a hut. There, in an outer entrance hall, a special door. But so far it as if and without need. It in the winter if the grandfather suddenly to decide to check bees and the beehives made in an extension late fall.

And now - for the grandfather. And again to look. As it inserts a framework with honeycombs into the centrifuge, closes it from above a metal cover and begins to twist the handle. To ask to allow to make it even is not necessary. It is checked. As tuzhsya, putting all available forces in this the wooden, varnished by dedovy palms handle … Not to shift. Another matter, if centrifuge empty. But when a framework is loaded into it … No, let grandfather.

Here, began to knock, began to knock on walls from within, and, slightly pogodya, from a vvarenny tube in the bottom … Slowly began to flow dense, viscous light-brown liquid with obviously felt sweet smell. Though is not present, color can be the most different. From transparent it is yellow - sand … Such honey the grandfather calls - “meadow“. To rather turbid, dark-brown. It is “buckwheat“. And, if to trust the grandfather, color depends on the special cunning word of “bribes“.

But at the moment - not before. Began to flow, began to flow! At first - in the small, but capacious bowl substituted by the grandfather with blue cornflowers on a rim. And after it will be filled - in an aluminum dairy flask. But in it - already without me.

Having carefully accepted from the grandfather noticeably the grown heavy bowl, through that, a winter door - in a hut where on the table laid by an oilcloth there is already a plate with cut by large chunks white, not store, own pastries bread, puzatenky, slightly misted over - from a cellar - a clay krinka with a high wide neck and a saucer near which - a big aluminum spoon.

Only why it? Milk from a krinka - in a mug, honey, accurately, - in a saucer. And - to sliznut the honey stream which is stubborn continuing to last from a bowl. To dip bread in honey, having slightly pressed to a saucer, and, poyeloziv on it that it was absorbed, - in a mouth. And right there - a drink of cold milk from a mug. A tastiness - and - and …

, Why this spoon? So, overindulgence one.