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How to turn Android into Windows Phone?

Will help with it program covers, or “loncher“ and “launcher“ (from English Shell - “cover“ and Launcher - “zapuskatel“). These covers are familiar to the majority on the interface of the main screen (where hours and labels of the most demanded appendices). Also new cover can change icons of standard applications (the SMS, the Internet, phone) and the status of bars (indicators of the battery, wi - fi, cellular communication and other). the Tiled Windows 8 and Window Phone 8 interface much is not pleasant to

. At the same time big “tiles“ on the screen will be convenient to users with weak sight. By means of the lancher imitating a “vindopodobny“ type of the menu and the main screen it is possible to create from the ordinary smartphone “phone for elderly“. Special devices in shops often differ in absolutely poor functionality at quite high price. And it is so possible to get the android - the smartphone within 3 - 5 thousand and to present to the parents phone with wi - fi, 3G and a camera with large icons (considering the size of the screen of modern smartphones, such decision will appear better).

Program covers on the smartphone with 512 megabytes, random access memory, by 4 gigabytes of the built-in memory (without a possibility of simultaneous use of SD - the card), two-nuclear MediaTek MT6577 1000 MHz and the PowerVR SGX531 video processor were tested. Android 4 operating system. 0. 4. to modern measures the model absolutely weak, but allows to pick up really good program. I will tell honestly if something works at my Lenovo S720, then it will earn from any other smartphone! And it is not advertizing: s720 from the Chinese successor of IBM and Motorola - the worst smartphone in my life. But we will return to our digital “rams“.

Launcher 8 Free - the first cover for Android which I tested for transformation of a mobile operating system of Google into a mobile operating system of Microsoft. The first pancake did not leave one continuous lump, but a number of lumps at this free lancher were present (just in case I will report that all tested programs were free).

So, of Launcher 8 Free . Is, as well as it is necessary, in Play Market, is downloaded and established without problems. Settings of a cover are caused from the main screen by the Svap button (in my case extreme at the left) or by means of an application launch in the menu of programs (to get there, it is necessary to listnut the screen to the left).

Despite convenience of a loncher and giving to the main screen of a magnificent monochrome view, it was necessary to remove it. Too those “lumps“ - glitches irritated.

The most harmful defect - loss of a response to pressing from appendices in the main menu of programs. You stick, you stick with a finger on an icon, and reaction zero. Perhaps, it occurs not on all smartphones, but on my Lenovo S720 this failure takes place.

I do not consider a poor translation of the Launcher 8 Free settings for Russian as a shortcoming, but it is impossible to pass by it too. “Koloka“ instead of “column“, “light of a background“ instead of “color of a background“, “portnerny“ instead of “portrait“. At once also you will not understand what happens if you begin to adjust “kolok of tiles“ or you will replace orientation to portnerny!

It is impossible to disconnect completely wall-paper established on phone and to clean blocking of the display completely. As a result such nonsense turns out here: at an exit from “sleep mode“ tiles of the main screen, then the blocking screen appear, from - under whom (moves a finger up) system wall-paper appears, and only then the main screen, Home appears again. Irritates well very strongly and on weak phone can take couple of seconds of time.

Statusbar Launcher 8 Free looks not bad, plus he is black - white and well supplements a black background with white icons on the Home screen. Alas, the interface is imposed on system that is not good at all. When calling appendices Statusbar`s style again - changes on system. The similar leapfrog irritates again.

Inscriptions like “Union of Right Forces“ (so authors called the SMS - the appendix) cannot be cleaned from the signature to tiles, but it is possible to change the wrong name in the editor. By long pressing a tile on its edges three symbols appear: the right top starts editing, the left top cleans a tile from the screen, and the left lower changes the size under an empty seat on the screen.

The cover allows to hide signatures only for small tiles of 1õ1 in size. Manually it is possible to enter to each icon empty heading in settings, but then centering vanishes. Exit simple: to make the text and a background of an icon of one color. The tile size can be set manually too.

If to include a clever unblocking, then at first the main screen, then the blocking screen will appear, then he beautifully will crawl away up and again the main screen will appear. Statusbar of a lancher at the same time too will appear, will disappear and again will appear. There is a ridiculous animation which it is healthy, once again will repeat, irritates.

After an exit from a camera or other heavy appendix before emergence of the menu arises nebesno - the blue guglovsky android and beautifully rises up. On it my limit of irritation ran low, and the cover which was pleasant to me externally had to be removed.

Analog of Launcher 8 Free is of Launcher 7 . Does not show advertizing, the Statusbar on system does not layer, too does not arrange leapfrog with animation. However, possesses smaller flexibility in settings of tiles, but also squares 2õ2 look rather largely. So if there is a desire to replace small the Android - icons on big tiles in Windows Phone style, then Launcher 7 - quite suitable option. The only nuance is an installation of a tile of MAIL (mail). Besides the appendix the launcher suggests to state data of the account of your email in the menu completely. If the post service is already ready, then it is not necessary to do it. Just specify the used client (gmail, yandex) in the line “choose the appendix“ and press OK. If there is no connection with the Internet and the system will report about it, again press OK. The tile will appear on the screen and will start an e-mail client as a usual label.

Still it is possible to try a cover with the simple name Launcher, but there tiles seemed to me melkovata though there is a Start menu (opens the menu of appendices).