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How to prepare bretsel?

Well it is possible to think up even more Bavarian... sausages, cabbage, potatoes, salad, beer and, of course, bretsel! Here without it and Germany - not Germany, and Bavaria - not Bavaria and beer - absolutely even not beer!

I here, apparently, pretzel as pretzel... well is more graceful, well “the sun through it“, as well as it is promised, it is possible to see even three times, well color very appetizingly brown, well can, and the form the hands crossed probably on a stomach reminds it... well? Not same does bretsel bretsely! There is something in this kalatch well absolutely special. Very much it would be desirable to understand - that!

Let`s try together. Task, of course, difficult... Both taste special, and a crust brown and crackling, and a crumb very soft and juicy, and the form is obliged to correspond. Well, is over what to think and what to be engaged in! I hope, at us it will turn out.

So, for the test we take on 125 ml of warm water, 250 g of white wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of butter (about 50 g), a half of a teaspoon of salt, on 1 teaspoon of dry yeast and sugar and a half of a teaspoon of a baking powder. Topping requires still coarse sea salt which with success can be replaced with poppy and sesame. For cooking of water, bretsely on 1 liter, it is necessary to stock up with 2 soda spoons, tea with a huge hill.

We begin with habitual... In water of approximate temperature about 37 - 40 degrees we dissolve yeast and sugar. While they are dissolved there, flour with a baking powder and salt it is sifted in a zamesochny pan, we add oil of room temperature there and hands we pound oil with flour, turning all this into very small crumb in which both salt, and a baking powder, and, naturally, oil are distributed on flour absolutely evenly. Further, very predictably, we add the divorced yeast with sugar to a flour crumb and we knead dough.

To be fair it is necessary to tell that this dough just surprisingly quickly if not to tell, instantly, ceases to stick to hands and a table. I ask to treat it with understanding and not to perceive as a literal hint that dough is ready... Do not hurry! Derive pleasure on full, do not constrain yourself and knead this most delicate dough to smoothness and uniformity. Minutes 10. And of what only you do not manage to dream at this time... about great... not otherwise... We shift ready dough in a bowl, we cover with a film or a pure towel and we clean to the warm place on 1 - 2 hour.

Everything depends only on quality and age of your yeast. Dough has to increase in a size at least twice .

As soon as our dough is ready, it is time to put to be warmed an oven by 220 - 230 degrees. Also we put on a plate to begin to boil water about a liter. And at this time we divide our dough on 8 - 10, I hope that identical a piece, we drive them in a ball. Each ball is kneaded in flat cake and skatyvay its (flat cake) as if even in a roll which we roll in a plait. From the first it is not necessary to roll at all length interesting us and necessary for molding full bretselya. Let the zagotovochka will lie down, will have a rest while we roll all other balls in flat cakes and in rulelik - zhgutik. And then, having got used to a new form and having relaxed, these zhgutik with huge enthusiasm and bigger ease are rolled at 60 - 70 centimetric length necessary for us.

From the rolled zhgutik by a simple interlacing of the ends among themselves two times and fixing of their (ends) on formed owing to the previous action (crossing of the ends) of a test circle, we divide this circle into three approximately identical sectors (through which as history says, and it is necessary to look at the sun).

As soon as everything bretsel are formed and water in a saucepan began to boil, we put soda in water. (You only think how we were lucky that we do not have need as to “devout“ Germans to pull gloves even up to the elbow and to add to water instead of usual and native to all our hostesses of soda some superalkali. For work with which not only gloves, but also points, both special ware, and a skimmer, at least, not aluminum what warns literally all Internet about are necessary). Now we diminish fire under a saucepan that water in it hardly (faded - prevyalo) boiled.

On one we lower in water to cook bretsel. If dough approached well, then bretsel emerge practically at once and it is necessary to cook them about 40 - 50 seconds until they begin to increase in a size. This magic bathtub from water and soda also gives bretselyu that brown shade. And, besides, in one healthy head, probably, the thought would not come to reach such color effect this non-standard way. Well, of course, there are about it legends in which whether the careless boy, the assistant to the cook, whether a cat (by the way what this cat did in kitchen?) dropped preparation bretselya (which, by the way, historically was sweet) in a copper not with syrup as it was necessary, and in the copper with alkali prepared for washing of ware... Here to whom our sincere gratitude and low bow and for magic color, and for peculiar very thin and such recognizable smack!

Boiled bretsel we spread on a pure towel. If at once to lay out it on paper for pastries, there is very much, well just very high probability that bretsel to it (paper) will stick. And after pastries we will already have a half bretselya, and other its half will decorate tightly paper. And on a towel excess moisture will be absorbed, and our chances of receiving full-fledged production increase to 100%.

Bretsel is powdered with coarse salt (either sesame, or poppy) at once. We shift the bretsel prepared thus to the baking sheet laid by baking paper and which is missed the mark with butter, and we bake in the oven about 20 minutes warmed to 230 degrees till very characteristic brown color.

And if you are also not a fanatical admirer of beer - believe, it is at all not an occasion to refuse bretsely. Very tasty and, by the way, quite in the Bavarian spirit to cut bretsel lengthways in half, to oil also to morning coffee. So successful to you pastries and bon appetit!