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How to marry - on love or by calculation?

to Marry in marriage for love or by calculation - a philosophical question. Though looking as to approach it. So there is a wish to fall in love, be dissolved and to be forgotten. Not to think of anything, not to remember debts, problems at work, that ten years there was no repair. Also yesterday broke a heel on favourite pair of shoes … me began to seem to

At communication with girls that they choose the partner in life only from wealthy men. They do not want to live from a salary to a salary, to make lists of products before a visit of shop. Want to buy the pleasant things, to have a rest abroad, to go by own car.

One acquaintance invited me to the wedding. The wedding was top-level, but here I did not notice gloss in her eyes. I asked it: “On love or by calculation?“ She answered me: “First marriage by calculation, and the second for love! “ And left, marriage broke up in a year. She gave birth to it to the child, and at divorce for her and the son he bought the two-room apartment. In several years she married the second time the ordinary guy. Now she lives in the apartment with the beloved and receives the solid alimony from the ex-husband.

The vast majority of wealthy men prefer that their wives did not work, and were in charge of housekeeping. There are several nuances. Someone is afraid to turn into the woman who spends the whole day waiting for the husband. To become for it the keeper of a home, to raise children, to watch the house. Others are afraid to stop in development and to lose the husband.

Some consider that rich men who do not need anything quickly lose to everything interest including to wives. The successful man got used to set before himself the new purposes, having subdued one woman, he tries to win another.

Not each woman will venture to suffer changes of the husband even if also unloved. It seems everything is - the husband, prosperity, communications, but there is no love.

Wealthy girls do not want to see near themselves the person who earns less. Money makes money. The successful lady will not be able to suffer near herself the person who is not aspiring to something bigger. Of course, here the circle of contacts still will affect.

We will not speak about gigolos. The woman will take on keeping of the guy only when she does not want to burden herself with family bonds, to complicate the life and to submit to the man.

Nonsense - not defect, but misfortune. I do not know what pushes young girls to try to marry in a hurry for the rich man. Most likely, lack of mind. Such girls think that the successful marriage will help them to live happy life. Unwillingness to study, to work, live with parents, to earn a worthy living, to achieve goals - here the reasons pushing them at such choice.

To marry is the simplest. To hold, become the worthy wife, to correspond - means, to work constantly on itself. The whole day with girlfriends on shops will not turn out to run.

There is a wish to believe that the clever woman will marry in marriage for love and will help the man to achieve success. Not for nothing say that if you want to become the general`s wife, it is necessary to marry the lieutenant. Marrying the beloved, the woman tries to help with everything to him. She encourages him, gives advice, helps to make the correct decisions. The loving woman becomes the faithful companion of life.

It is easy to become the kept woman. It is difficult to fall in love with the person who does not cause feelings. Of course, over time you get used to everything, but money will not be able to replace the real feelings and emotions. Whether they will be able to present pleasure whether they will warm in old age?.

It is worth listening to a voice of reason and to do what prompts heart. They say that each man has a limit of dreams, but it is possible, women also are created to raise this bar.