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How to put on during a heat?

Exist many stereotypes about what clothes will help to transfer summer heat easier. I usually visually see all these myths on streets and when I examine the summer range in clothing stores. Everywhere there are cut-offs, sometimes similar to pants, undershirts - alcoholics and the fitting tops without sleeves. In a word, everything according to the slogan “Cold - Put on, Hot - Undress“. But it not always works therefore it is necessary to consider also other moments which are important in the clothes calculated on hot weather.

In - the first, it is very important to pay attention to clothes fabric. The natural, “breathing“ fabrics during a heat it is more preferable artificial as the last badly absorb sweat and also badly it is evaporated therefore many notice that things from synthetic fabrics quickly begin to exhale in the summer an unpleasant smell of sweat.

However even such natural and popular summer fabric as flax, can “soar“ noticeably. This effect depends on fabric manufacture - the it, fabric, shershavy to the touch, the will be warmer in it whatever natural it was. Therefore it is worth paying attention to the smooth, “sliding“ fabrics in the summer.

I think, practically all remember from a school course of physics that white color reflects electromagnetic waves (including a sunlight), and black, on the contrary - absorbs therefore in the summer the white and light clothes, in general, are more preferable dark. But at the same time it is necessary to consider that in the summer the light clothes can lead to an embarrassment to a thicket dark as wet traces of sweat on it far more considerably and appear not only armpits, but also on a back if to sit, having leaned back on a chair back.

Also closed clothes it is more preferable opened in the hot summer if, of course, this is not about fire on the beach. Revive dresses of bedouins in memory! The less sites of naked skin are affected by sunshine, the less skin heats up, respectively, the more comfortably we feel. It would be possible to complain in this paragraph about domination of skirts earlier - pass, but already few years as the fashion made reasonable turn and with summer of the street girls in long skirts in a floor fill.

At the same time the clothes in hot weather have to be free, but not fitting, remember effect of a thermos - heat conductivity of air lower, than heat conductivity of fabric therefore the air layer between fabric of a shirt or trousers serves, in some way, as thermal insulation. Thus, even in a dark loose overall will be less hot, than in the light fitting jacket, under a condition if they are executed from identical on density and material of fabric.

Wearing a bra therefore if there is such opportunity, it is possible to refuse it becomes a frequent summer problem during a heat for women, having picked up blouses or shirts from not translucent figured fabric with patchpockets in a breast.

There is a separate wish to remind of headdresses. In spite of the fact that recently many for some reason do not carry them, summer hats, caps, Panamanians and scarfs still protect from a sunstroke, as before.

I wish that your summer passed without solar burns, heatstrokes and other seasonal troubles!