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We submit documents for training in higher education institution or college. How it is correct to behave?

Are time for a selection committee in higher education institutions and colleges in the heat, and employees of these commissions are already foamy and excited to a limit. Daily through keyboards of operators there pass hundreds of applications for receipt and files with documents. And almost at each entrant the question, similar to which the operator heard several tens times for the present day in the bosom lies.

I Think, even the most patient hedgehog, eventually, would not bear and began to show the needles. It is possible to solve almost all these questions or problems, only having attentively read the website of educational institution or simply “ďîăóăëčâ“ necessary. So, I present you my personal TOP - 5 anti-phrases and anti-actions which will incite any operator of a selection committee against you .

the 5th place

“And me told

it to ask you! “ - every third entrant bringing the application for registration after consultations on faculty racks says. I suggest you to think.

How you think what probability that I, being trained on humanitarian specialty, will know details of training of some radio physical faculty?, it is almost zero! From there is conclusion: everything, as for directly study, terms of payment of training and existence of the budgetary places, it is necessary to specify at representatives of faculty . Operators only enter your data in system.

the 4th place

“And how you consider, at us is chance to arrive?“ or “And what to study you at this institute?“ Well and what, in your opinion, sitting in a selection committee, I have to answer you? I will advise to run from here carelessly or I will tell that with your points it is possible not to hope for receipt even?

I study and I work in the Alma - a mater. It a priori means that I will not begin to blacken it in your eyes (no, personally I can warrant for myself that I will not abuse the institute from - for sincere love to it, but not all such). And so: do not wait for absolute honesty in the answer to that, how well this educational institution . Eventually, the help in a selection committee is paid or in a money equivalent, or in a format of offset of practice.

3rd place

Operators not animals : we do not bite, we do not sort smiling entrants on experiences and are far not so unapproachable what we seem. On the contrary, we very much love reciprocal smiles and politeness . On the: “Welcome to us in university!“ or “Oh, I just study at that faculty where you want to arrive. If you have some questions of student`s life, I with pleasure will answer you! “ - I expect at least a smile, not to mention similar iridescent answers. In this foreshortening you begin to appreciate that arriving which come with parents. Adults do not hesitate to specify something on a subject and with politeness at them 10 times more once again. Though... and on the sun there are spots.

the 2nd place

does not need to be put in the file with documents certificates of appreciation and letters of thanks for elementary school. And for the senior classes too. Work in a selection committee imparts to operators a cynicism droplet, and therefore the next “Certificate of appreciation for an active social position“ for the 7th class raises only sneers and venomous smiles.

No, we are glad that to us there are such exceptional children, but needs to provide written confirmations of participation only in those Olympic Games which are noted on the website of educational institution . That is in the Olympic Games having, most often, the All-Russian value . “Rysenok“ on the fine arts tells participation in the school Olympic Games only about what entrant the good fellow, but will not provide any advantages at receipt .

1 place

“Ah, you incorrectly specified passport data / directions / the residence! Immediately correct it!“ - the angered parents who came running in several days after filing of application exclaim. Dear, your precious child itself signed these applications and itself checked correctness of the entered information. Operators are people too, and to us, as well as all on this planet, it is peculiar to be mistaken (and furthermore, at the end of the intense working day when entrants, under the law of meanness, begin to go crowds). You should not accuse others of own mistakes.

How to avoid a similar situation? All information which you are given on check needs to be checked attentively . Eventually, you also are interested in it.

And in conclusion of all this I want to tell: I was on both sides - both as the entrant, and as the operator. Last year I also made the same mistakes from - for the most banal a carelessness and laziness to study the website of my higher education institution. Everything is reduced to two simple councils: be polite and attentively study information available to you on the Internet . Following them, you will save the nerves and time.