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What can do much harm a pet?

are known Of potential harm to dogs and cats of rat poison or pesticides to all. However the list of dangers is not settled by poisons. There are both other substances and objects whose harm is not so obvious. It is necessary to preserve against contacts of pets with them not less carefully.

Can seem to

of Medicine for people strange, but human drugs head the list of the reasons of the address to the veterinarian. Most of owners, knowing as it is difficult for animal to feed medicine, are sure that the dog or a cat will never begin to eat a tablet of own will.

This is true, usually they are affected by drugs incidentally. For example, what cat will resist from a pursuit of the pill which is “running away“ from the owner under a sofa? Dogs can take a plastic bubble with tablets for a toy and incidentally crack it.

To cause poisoning in a pet, only one tablet sometimes suffices. The medicines intended for decrease in level of glucose in blood and for control of a high blood pressure are especially dangerous.

Grapes and raisin

the First data on potential danger of grapes and raisin for dogs appeared not so long ago, in 1990 - x years. Since then many cases of poisoning including such as a result of which dogs perished are recorded. The mechanism of impact of grapes on a dog organism still is completely not found out. It is possible, for the reason, that not all dogs react to it equally, some it does not do noticeable harm. Nevertheless you should not give grapes to dogs in no shape or form, and at the casual use it is necessary to address the veterinarian.

of the Lily

Beautiful and fragrant flowers conceal in themselves not less danger to cats, than grapes to dogs. Any part of a plant can become the reason of poisoning. Cases of cats only from walk near lilies, hit of pollen on paws or from the use of water in which there were cut flowers are known. Lilies do not have the place in the house where there are cats.


These poisons are made by some fungi parasitizing on rich with oils grain and nuts. Flashes of the aflatoksikoz connected with the corn grains used in dog sterns happen almost annually. It is difficult to blame for it only producers as it is difficult to find mycotoxins. They can be present at grains even then when external signs of defeat are imperceptible or eliminated with a mold.

Garlic and onions

garlic, and onions are dangerous by

I to pets, but cats especially suffer from them. Even single hit in an organism of garlic can do harm to erythrocytes of blood of animals and is considerable reduce ability of blood to transport oxygen to fabrics. Poisoning with plants, harmless to people, in fact, is one of anemia forms at cats which can “unjustly“ be shown in case of the long use of very small doses of garlic and onions.


hemp attracts with

Unlike the unattractive tablets getting to an organism of a dog incidentally animals. The dog will begin to eat it if she finds. Depending on a dose, the animal becomes or uneasy and hyperactive, or opposite, melancholically balanced. One of symptoms of poisoning with hemp - an urine incontience.

To accelerate clarification of an etiology and a conclusion of toxin from an organism, it is necessary to report to the veterinarian about the reasons. However reality such is that owners often prefer to be silent.

Be attentive to the pets!