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At what age it is possible to allow teenagers to go out on dates?

Modern teenagers quickly develop. They early begin to be interested in an opposite sex, very seriously treat the first relations and expect the same relation from parents. Parents should not make mistakes which will push teenagers to the early sexual relations.

the First relations at the teenager arise at school. Most often it is schoolmates or friends from parallel classes. In 12 - 13 years of the girl and boys go to the cinema, together walk, cheerfully spend time after school. In this situation information on the relations to parents is given by class teachers.

The class teacher knows a lot of information on your children. Parents should maintain good relations with teachers, to be interested in the children, to visit PTA meetings.

There were disturbing signals - then conversation message time about contraceptives, diseases, sexually transmitted, pregnancies came. It is not necessary to hesitate, of course, that teenagers learn about everything independently, but such conversation is necessary. The child has to understand that parents worry about him and care. Such conversation should be started in 14 - 15 years, but if you noticed need, then it is possible earlier.

In 16 - 17 years teenagers get the full-fledged relations. In this case it is necessary to get acquainted with the soulmate of the daughter or the son. It is necessary to get acquainted with parents of other party also. Nobody says that it is necessary to discuss preparation for a wedding. You have to understand that minor children need careful control on both sides.

Invite parents of the beloved or the loved your child to dinners, holidays. The child will see that you support his aspiration to love and happiness, and on the other hand, will easier control the child.

There is no sense to interfere with the relations. The youthful maximalism will prove. If you forbid, then the child will act by contradiction. The forbidden fruit is always sweet. Of course, if the guy from a decent family, then you agree with me.

The unsuccessful teenager will cause in you a storm of indignation and emotions. Muffle them and talk to the child seriously, without hysterics and not reasoned bans. Carefully point to its problems and ask - whether accepts it your child. Tell that such choice would not be made. Advise the child to analyse his relations and to draw right conclusions.

Surely be interested in the relations of the children. You start conversations, learn to what movies they went, discuss presents and cards. You give examples of the relations. Your children will estimate respect for them and their relations.

You should not forget also that you are parents. It is necessary to establish some framework. First of all, the child has to make the lessons and household chores assigned to him. It is worth limiting also time, to come back not later in advance defined hour. Here it is difficult to tell precisely, but in school hours - not later than 22:00, on vacation much allow to come back not later than 23:00. You should not allow to remain somewhere with spending the night.

As for gifts? Parents of both parties should discuss this question. It is not necessary to allow children to make expensive gifts. All have a different financial position. Not to put the child in awkward situations, parents should discuss a limit.

There are also joint trips at the sea. Do not allow children to go on vacation independently. It is possible to release with parents of any party and not to allow to have the separate room, it is better to choose family option. Arrived together, it is better to have a good time everything together too.

Most often mistakes are made by mothers, drumming the daughters that all boys bad and unworthy. Many girls with education absorb this idea and begin to touch guys and men. Such example of education can be reflected in the future, the girl can turn into the old maid.

Of course, we discuss simple truth, each parent understands itself what framework needs to be established. Do not limit the child, he has to earn the life experience, has to learn to understand people and to make a right choice. The parent`s task - to direct the child to a true way and to support constantly.