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Creation and advance of the websites across all Russia of

Without plan of advance and the plan of works on maintenance of the website you do not receive result from a web - a resource, it the same as to buy the car, and not to have the rights for its driving.

The website it is necessary to advance, develop and work on its general view. To be engaged in updating of new sections and removal (deactivation) of irrelevant, to pay attention to design registration during the periods of holidays and carried out actions. Also it is necessary to work on website content systematically: to improve and reraytit it, sometimes to resort to a copywriting.

It is necessary to add constantly and methodically news on the website. And it is possible to call this point without exaggeration the most important. As if you have no news, then people leave. It is not interesting to it to be with those who are silent.

So far as concerns website content, that word stability is inappropriate here. Always it is necessary to change something, to add and to constantly surprise visitors of your resource. As an example, creation of information website well will approach. Information resource brightly reflects life thanks to content. If on its pages discussions in the form of comments are conducted, means articles interesting what also speaks about popularity of the website among users. The more interesting articles, the there are more people. As soon as the volume of people reaches certain borders, it is possible to post advertizing thanks to which that will begin to bring in the income on the website. And as a result, the more you give to useful information, the your website, and the higher it a monetiziruyemost is more popular.

Such concept as the website includes a set of components. It as if a big organism in which each body requires attention and care. And when all parts of this organism work well-coordinated and it is correct, high search rates, effective convertibility of visitors in customers or if it is the blog, then convertibility in subscribers to a news line will be result of its external activity.

Originally most of customers thinks: “I will create the website and I will begin to earn“. So in some measure also was a decade ago. At present in all commercial areas presented on the Internet, the competition repeatedly increased and before beginning to earn, it is necessary to fight seriously for visibility in search delivery also “place in the sun“. Therefore business is not limited to one creation of the website, it is necessary to proceed step by step at all points advances.

One more mistake of inexperienced or self-confident owners of the websites is that when they come to the level of the income satisfying them from the website, make the decision to refuse support and advance. Why to pay money of studio when everything already properly works, and it seems that no serious problems with the website will arise.

At first so all will also be, but the website will have an effect soon, behind it as behind any car permanent and timely care is necessary. Breakage happens gradually: in one place the mistake, the server on which the website settles down will jump out, will make changes, unloading will happen incorrectly. Such trifles are first hardly noticeable, but they tend to collect, and at once there will come critical failure. Also it is necessary to address experts again and to solve the aggravated situation.

The result arises by itself: it is necessary to watch constantly the website and to develop it. Creation of the websites on bitriks can be engaged not all. Also it is better these works of a message about one web - studio. If all services can be ordered in one place, with signing of the contract and the full specification, an opportunity not only to create, but also to advance the website, then it is groundless to entrust separate tasks to someone else. It is spoken well by the following reason: who as the developer of the project better and quicker than others will perform the works improving optimization will change blocks and will establish banners, without violating the initial concept and design of the website.

Ours a web - the studio of DiViER works at this market since 2006, and since 2007 we are the gold certified partner 1C - Bitriks. All our the project were created first of all for business, that is projects bring in incomes to the owners. If to see our portfolio creation of the websites on bitriks, then it is possible to notice lack of the websites consisting of 1 - 3 pages. It means that people address us when they are ready to be engaged in business on the Internet. Business, but not self-satisfaction from a personal page in a network. For this purpose there are social nets or blogs.

We are always glad to new customers, our motto: “We do for you everything and a little more“.