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Isn`t it time to limit lawyer and legal activity?

Earlier I somehow did not face work of lawyer offices and law firms, but recently life forced me to address them.

I here then I understood that the lion`s share of these offices and companies is engaged not in protection of the client, and a reversing of its pockets.

In one offices already take the considerable sums for the first consultation. In them, as a rule, after the received means tell approximately following: “Sorry, but we will not be engaged in your business and hardly anyone will undertake such nonsense“.

In other companies take nothing for the first consultation, but force you to pay the considerable sum for the legal conclusion about anything. Conclusions and recommendations which will be offered or at all give nothing to you, or for their realization it is necessary to pay the sum considerably exceeding the expenses assumed by you.

On the websites of the majority of law firms can read the following: “Legal services in it - that the city render many law firms, but not all these companies provide rather high-quality legal services. Clients of such firms, often, remain are dissatisfied with low results and nonprofessionalism of workers yur. agencies. Insufficient experience of staff of the organization, constant routine of shots, low level of a salary of lawyers can be the reason for that. A distinctive feature of our business on providing legal services is that the experts involved by us have a wide experience of work, the narrow specification in legal area, excellent reputation and financial interest in business. Thanks to these factors we surpassed other law firms in the speed and quality of the provided legal services“.

Here as, surpassed in the speed and quality of legal services, but not in ways of a devastation of pockets.

Dear colleagues! Now so many unfair legal and lawyer offices bred that them, by an example of the majority of banks, it is time to deprive of licenses. It we will help true professionals to fulfill the professional duty honestly.