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What the resort of Chamyyuva in Kemer is famous for?

Kemer Chamyyuva - it is so conditionally possible to call the resort town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. And hardly you where - nibud still will find such clean sea, such magnificent mountains and such hospitality, as to Kemer Chamyyuva.

the Fishing settlement of Chamyyuva, namely it was considered as that prior to the beginning of 1990 - x years, treats the county Kemer entering, in turn, an antaliysky zone of the Mediterranean Sea where one of the most visited and respectable resorts are located.

Kemer in essence something reminds our Greater Sochi, and along with the settlement of Chamyyuva there the resorts of Tekirov, Kirish, Geynyuk and Beldibi still enter. At the beginning of 1990 - x years active construction of hotels and hotels of the highest of four - and a five-stars class began here that built the little-known settlement of Chamyyuva in the category of elite resorts.

Chamyyuva in translation from Turkish sounds as “a pine nest“ that fully corresponds to the name. From all directions the resort is surrounded with a mountain ridge the Tauri which business card is the well-known mountain of Takhtala with densely overgrown trees of coniferous breeds to which top you can deliver Turkish - the Swiss suspended ropeway. In the ancient time these places attracted settlers about islands Rhodes which founded the city of Fazelis here, the basis of the economy of the city made export of the wood on all Mediterranean coast.

In the settlement of Chamyyuva of coniferous trees not so much. It is considered that the greatest number of needles in Kemer grows around Tekirov. But Kemer Chamyyuva rolls in the Greek palm trees that gives to the resort a classical southern look. Why Greek? Everything is very simple, palm trees in Turkey initially somehow did not get accustomed and they had to be delivered from Greece to add tropical exotic and color.

Surprising feature Kemer Chamyyuva is also the fact that the Russian speech is heard there literally from everywhere. In cafe, shops and just on the street. And not necessarily it proceeds from Russians. Many natives from former North - the Caucasian republics of the Soviet Union which in itself are carriers of our language live in Turkey. Plus, many Turks speak in Russian practically without accent since they studied or worked in Russia. So at the order of round in one local tour agency the director, having learned that we from Volgograd, joyfully told: “And, Mamayev Kurgan, I know! I in the city worked for you, built to “Volm“, - having listed at the same time a heap of restaurants about which we even did not hear. Generally, the impression is sometimes made that you not in Turkey and where - nibud in Lazarevskoye.

The sea to Kemer Chamyyuva is a separate history. Beaches of almost one and all hotels consist of small and average pebble that first gives a certain inconvenience, but for 2 - 3 day of rest simply cease to pay attention to it. As a last resort, in any little shop it is possible to buy special slaps.

Sea here amazing purity and transparency. Glaring on the sun, it is poured by all tones from light-emerald at the coast, to pleasantly - blue at a depth. The bottom is well looked through the first 5 - 10 meters from the coast and a heat on decent distance, even without mask, it is possible to consider all underwater world without effort. In the mornings and to evenings it happened to observe absolutely quiet sea smooth surface which is only occasionally coming to life from concern of fish jambs at a surface.

In the afternoon and till the evening beaches are filled with vacationers who are not frightened by probability to burn on the sun as climate actually in these parts very soft. Though to dose stay on the open sun and under umbrellas it is extremely desirable. That the most interesting, ashore you do not feel density at all and a lack of beach space as each hotel has the conditionally fenced territory with plank beds of a certain color calculated only on visitors of hotel. By the way, there are no problems with plank beds too.

In the evening all resort life moves to small streets Chamyyuva with the numerous little shops trading in jewelry, sweets and production of the Turkish light industry. At an entrance to shop Turks smilingly meet you and also smilingly see off even if you bought nothing. Behind things, in my opinion, all - is better to go to Kemer where also the prices are lower and the choice it is better, including there are leather products of quite high Turkish quality.

The sweets bought in such shops at the price of $1 in boxes frankly were not pleasant to us, any mass consumer goods. Everything that is more expensive, and is packed more presentably, and one taste better. Also sweets by weight are not bad. But as a gift you will not carry them, it is better to eat on the place and in small amounts - all very sweet.

In a word, the resort of Kemer Chamyyuva it is possible to call with full confidence that place where your rest will get other filling is perfect. The beautiful warm sea, a wonderful view of mountains and hospitality of owners will call you to these places again and again.