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What has to be the first appointment? Councils for guys of

As prepare for the first appointment girls what think of and as behave, we already understood. Now let`s try to understand how the guy has to behave to interest and to disappoint the girl. And the most important to let know it, the relations will proceed or will at once come to the end. as

In an ideal situation the initiator of the first appointment the guy has to act. The easiest to approach the young man the girl, to get acquainted with her and to invite to appointment.

Meetings which right there develop into the first appointment become the most unexpected turn. For example, the girl one drinks coffee in cafe, the guy approaches, gets acquainted, sits down by her for a little table and easy communication begins. Such spontaneity not always leads to a good outcome as the girl can be frightened of your pressure. If more precisely, then it can be not ready to appointment. Perhaps, she has a lunch break. In such situation isolation, constraint, annoyance and mistrust to such “quick“ guy can be felt.

Meeting the girl, it is necessary to ask for her a phone number and to give the, so it will be easier for it for you to trust. If the girl does not want to give you a phone number, then it is possible to give her the, but chances that she will call back to you very little. Girls seldom the first call the guy. So if you were not given a phone number, then try to fix time and the place of your next meeting at once.

If you only got acquainted, then you should not arrange the first appointment too late. In the evening, but not late. It is the best of all to carry out the first appointment in cozy cafe, here it is easier to recognize each other closer as quiet music plays and the situation has. Bars and night clubs will not approach, leave them for the subsequent appointments.

How it is better to put on on the first appointment? Well, it is better not to risk. If you wear undershirts and jeans, then in classical trousers and a shirt to you it will be inconvenient. Put on as usual. I will tell a banal thing, but the clothes have to be pure and ironed. Many girls say that they love the polished boots so the footwear should be put in order too in guys.

On appointment study the menu, ask the girl what she wants to order. If it ordered salad and a glass of wine, then you should not take yourself beer and chicken wings, try to correspond. Show culture and good breeding.

You should not brag and show off. Nobody loves boasters. You do not speak about the income and do not ask it. If this subject is very important for you, then learn as whom it works, and you will be able to draw a conclusion on the income independently. If she is a teacher or the teacher, then the income will be modest, well and so on.

Try to talk on neutral subjects. To the girl it will be awkward if you begin to speak about soccer or computer games as she can not understand these questions.

Too you should not speak about sex, her preferences at once. Postpone this question, later you will understand when it is possible to ask about it. The question of sex which is brought up on the first appointment can be misinterpreted. The girl can decide that you are not interested in the serious relations.

Try to answer questions of girls accurately, without reticence. Many girls very hypochondriac can also finish thinking about your answer - in case you answered foggy and is indistinct. If the question was not pleasant to you, do not answer it better, tell that now are not ready to speak for this subject.

The man has to pay the bill. If you invited the girl to appointment, so be ready to it even if you do not want to continue the relations. Of course, if she insists on payment of a half of the account, then you should not argue on this subject is a trifle which does not speak about anything.

After the first appointment of almost all girls the question concerns: will call or not? They worry, panic, a depression, but the first are afraid to call not to show the interest.

The second appointment - an important component of the relations. You decided that you want to meet again, at once fix date and time of future appointment. It is impossible to be defined, tell when call. Girls love punctuality and responsibility in men. Promised to call on Thursday? Call.

Well, of course, if the girl was not pleasant to you and you understood that you do not want to meet more her, do not complicate to yourself life. Tell directly that at you nothing will turn out. Let it will be offensive and unpleasant to it, but it will be so better than if she rings round morgues in search of you. And you will drink beer with friends at this time, simply without answering its calls.

Good first appointments! And let they will become the beginning something bigger …