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The Chinese empress Ci Xi is the tyrant or the victim of circumstances? Whether

were Known by the young girl, almost the girl called by parents the gentle name Orchid what will become the terrible and cruel ruler of the huge state? What will forget all human, will lose sense of proportion and will quietly kill all life? And if knew, would try to change the life? Would marry rather the named - the young man by the name of Zhunlu not to get to a harem of the emperor of China?

In 16 years future empress - the tyrant was taken away from a family in the emperor`s harem Sanfenya. But it yet not happiness. Happiness - to catch sight to it and to interest it. The orchid managed it. By the most severe economy (while other concubines spent the money for dresses received from treasury on the contents) the girl saved the decent sum and just bribed the eunuch who is brought closer to an imperial bed.

Having managed to think up this course, she managed and to attach to herself the lord. The emperor had no successor. The orchid did not become puzzled also here, and quickly became pregnant. But there is a version that the child not it. There is even an assumption, as not Sanfenya. Really, the aging governor it, perhaps, waited for all life and did not get children? Perhaps, he was infertile. How now to learn the truth? Nevertheless officially - the son from the favourite concubine, the crown prince Tongzhi was born. The wife is an empress at Sanfenya already was, but children in these relations were not.

Having instantly flown up over all women in a harem, now Ci Xi, the successor`s mother, did not stop to rest on laurels. The son - only a step on the way to the power. And not in a harem, and in all China. The accident which happened to the emperor (it nearly drowned, but strongly at the same time caught a cold and died) as it is impossible had by the way. What to lose? Ci Xi who already got an own environment took away to herself all powers of authority, for a start having taken control of the imperial press.

And further the heads departed. All dissatisfied with such turn - to execute.

Emperors of Celestial Empire were persons sacred, their acts and behavior could not be discussed in principle. At such regalia it is difficult to remain the sincere person. It is difficult to be in general the person when to you since the childhood repeat every minute that you future “Son of the sky“ is not less also in any way. In the history of China it is known many emperors who caused a stir in cruelty, but very few people could be compared to Ci Xi. And that there were men. It was necessary to try very much to deserve the nickname “Dragon“. Especially to the woman. Especially to the woman on a throne in China.

The empress Ci Xi was not the reigning empress officially, she was the empress who is a widow. Also appropriated the power, leaning on the regency. The power - the strongest drug. Well and that that she is an empress not by birth? You get used to good quickly. The person allocated with unlimited opportunities ceases to feel as the person soon and begins to feel as the highest being. And to consider all the thoughts and acts only true.

Whether there could be Ci Xi some other way? It is unlikely. At first it was necessary to survive in a harem, then to keep in power. If not it, then it would be destroyed for certain. It, of course, not a justification, but other way in the world where edited cruel laws, was not. Another thing is that the empress, to put it mildly, “was fond“.

Ci Xi hardly sometime reflected whether correctly she arrives when, achieving the objectives, uses such terrible means. And if reflected, then a remorse did not suffer. People were not just executed, and often did it with special cruelty. However, in the history of Celestial Empire it is not new. Executions were made in the different sophisticated ways there always while China was imperial.

But that there were acts lawful, necessary, people were condemned for concrete crimes. And Ci Xi could send for execution simply not pleased to it. And extrajudicially. Became to kill and intimidate at it a habit. There are rumors that the empress had many lovers: beautiful young men were brought to it for one night, and then just killed.

Ci Xi was a supporter of full isolation of China from foreigners. Called them not differently as “foreign devils“. At the same time itself did not avoid to use achievements of foreign progress: the empress was fond of the photo, was the country`s first photographer - the fan. Was interested in electricity. Eyewitnesses told, not without irony that they saw the aged ruler who is driving about on the rooms on a tricycle.

So why to forbid in all country what is pleasant most? And in order that if the settled social and economic way in the country will exchange for centuries, then the “sacred“ power of emperors of China will stop being sacred. National identity of the state will be broken. Ci Xi was perfectly educated and knew about everything that is created in other countries. Especially frightened the ruler of revolution, for a long time died down in the European powers. What else revolution? It that she still asked some parliament of permission what to do to it and what is not present? And to present revolution in scales of population of China?

Never! Therefore - to drive all foreigners with their antimonarchical ideology. And such were. Foreign powers took notice of human and natural resources of Celestial Empire long ago. Their plans, in general, were transparent. The empress understood it. At the same time its methods did not promote strengthening of the power, and on the contrary, weakened it. Ci Xi was hated by all. Both aristocrats, and officials, and simple people.

And methods were terrifying. Did not shun Ci Xi and murder of own son. Perhaps the version is also explained by it that Tongzhi at all also was not it native. And the court etiquette did not promote love between sons of governors and their mothers. Having given birth to the successor, the empress could see the son no more than ten times a year. What here love, mother and the son became strangers. But such is there was a custom in imperial China.

Bringing up Tongzhi, following instructions of his mother, eunuchs corrupted the young man as could. Most likely, the prince died of a bad illness which he caught in the next brothel. His pregnant wife was brought to suicide. Ci Xi chose other successor - the nephew, and quietly continued “to reign“.

Isolation of China did not promote development of economy, and threat of foreign intervention really took place to be. Under such circumstances it was necessary to strengthen army, to strengthen defense. The empress spent richness of China only for herself and the environment. She lived in real, even scandalous, luxury. She liked to realize that all treasures belong to it, the woman from an impoverished, though noble family.

Ci Xi provoked national discontent against foreigners. And the people can be dangerous if becomes angry. Skillfully rumors that strangers are guilty of all problems impoverished (and such there was majority) people were dismissed. The real riots and murders began. Including in territories of foreign embassies. The governments of other countries sent troops to the aid of the citizens, and Ci Xi was necessary to run. Later she should reconcile to changes especially as the grown-up nephew of a tiransha, having become the emperor, took the position opposite to aunty`s. Guangxu, being a person decent and clever, never got on with Ci Xi.

Strange, but the cruel ruler could when wanted, make very good impression. Some foreign travelers were very satisfied from a meeting with it. They noted her affability and unusual youthful appearance. The empress carefully looked after the appearance.

And attachments at the empress were. Ci Xi appointed many relatives to good positions, married off or successfully married, and and surrounded the aged nurse of a visor to the palace with care. Means, something human was not alien to it?

The nephew Guangxu the empress - the tyrant endured for days. The young man, allegedly, was poisoned. Intrigues of the aunt? But she was already fatally sick. On a habit killed? Or out of hatred: it was in opposition to its power.

There are data that dying, Ci Xi whispered: “Never allow the woman to the power“. What is it? Perhaps all these atrocities - just revenge to the whole world for the love which is selected in youth? Marry the Orchid, it should not have fought for a place in the sun, and then try to keep on it, resorting to such cruel methods.

Ci Xi in 1908 died, having held on in power 47 years.