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Reasonable egocentrism and healthy nutrition: how they are connected?

Having started correction of weight and having begun to eat properly, it is necessary to learn a reasonable egocentrism. For what? To become more autonomous.

Nobody urges to avoid society! And here to understand that your organism - piece especially personal, nobody except you not concerning... That nobody except you solved as when to you, so to speak, to use in an organism. You want to control weight - it is necessary to get rid of a habit “for the company“ to eat, drink, smoke. Very much it is easy to intercept in the company a piece - another … and there and to the tenth nearby … Also there would be it pieces of fruit or vegetable salad, low-fat cottage cheeses or meat! No, it will appear a confectionary, crackers, beer... That is “tasty“. In him on itself there is also nothing bad. And here in quantity... Then get rid “weight loss“ and eat on health. And differently does not leave!

I do not suggest to avoid the companies, communication! But it is possible to do it without harm for health. Nobody forces non-smoking to smoke. Also is superfluous you are not obliged too!

In the eaten “yum-yum“ there is no harm. If moderately. One business - to regale, another - to nalopatsya! It on that and a delicacy to enjoy. Is slowly to feel taste. If you burst candies / cookies one behind another - you or are hungry, or the glutton. In the first case just eat normally, without deceiving themselves a large number of already unhealthy “tasty“. The second is treated by development of ability to realize the events, first of all in own body. To feel simply that is actually wanted by an organism. Without giving desire of mind for requirements of a body. Eventually, we deceive only ourselves!

Eat gradually, biting off Pomala. And as it is banal, chew carefully.

In one informative movie told about an ancient method. Is everything is possible, but each piece to chew not less certain number (it seems 30 with something) time. Weight was lost! I think, the reasons two:

1. I said that sense of fulness comes after real saturation. Slowing down process of food, we manage to feel satiety.

2. And still we manage to feel taste. And we do not feel any more requirement to eat more, just to derive pleasure from the process.

And it is acquired well chewed better.

By the way, this technique - the “conscious action“ concentrated, slow and experienced, is absolutely precisely applicable to smoking. Or perhaps and to other undesirable habits.

But all this works for the person autonomous. Not especially dependent even from opinion of relatives and acquaintances, that is significant people. Especially not measuring the acts by criterion “that people around will think“. Just because what to them put to you... How, however, and to you to them? Even if do not think, and will tell!

If, of course, the opinion of people around and fleeting gossips to you is more important than the health and is more significant than own desires, then remain as all. In this case - eat, eat, a jackpot... That is already guzzle rather. Or eat too much, perhaps to be expressed it is flowed round. Only do not deceive yourself a verbal camouflage. It will not help to keep symmetry.

Though about what I? It is possible to keep what is...