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“Judgment night“ (2013). Who knocks at the door to me?

Till mankind did not learn to control mortality natural, in some countries try to keep in a statistical framework mortality violent. In America of the future, for example, forbade to kill people at an inopportune time. You were got by the boss? The neighbour`s small dog spoiled a favourite lawn? The cashier in a supermarket insulted? Welcome to annual “Judgment Night“!

Uncover bits, you sharpen a machete, grease locks, you have only 12 hours of a lawlessness to vent the rage and hatred saved the whole year. Beat, burn down, you destroy and kill - nobody will condemn you. Only you remember: once your blood also can be necessary for maintenance of wellbeing of the nation …

the Idea of general improving mob killings excites creative minds long ago. What is hardly applicable in practice under a storm of applause is rolled on big and small screens. Fantasy of other property, anti-Utopia of the gloomy future or frightening present? The screenwriter of “Negotiator“ and “Jack“ James Demonako carelessly gave a cold dish of revenge to a table: Whether “The real freedom is necessary to modern society or there will drop down that a quota what will be allocated by the powers that be who took cover behind high fences and armor doors?“ Unfortunately, the question and hung in mid-air because, having played philosophy and the drama, authors sharply tilted a plot to the habitual course of a genre and rushed on cliche waves. What did not prevent the provocative thriller “Judgment Night“ to make for the creators multimillion profit at all.

Everything was very interesting and promising until the scenario strongly did not rise on rails “Attacks on 13 - y a site“. Too, by the way, behind Demonako`s authorship. New rules old as the world of game intrigue: before us the annual chaos coordinated from above, 12 - the hour anarchy approved by the silent majority. Or a reality - show with a rating on blood. However the legalized lynching is good as a justice measure until you are in a camp of observers. As the main character performed by Ethan Hawk - the seller of ultramodern security systems, confident in own infallibility and safety. It is a pity that complete with its goods detectors of nonsense and protection against conscience attacks because night of long knives is good for the family budget until the family does not become its involuntary participant are not delivered.

The standard horror films removed in Hollywood under a tracing-paper are pugalka entertaining, as “roller coaster“ and other adrenalinic attractions urged to shake out momentary emotions from public. “Judgment night“ is calculated on long-term effect because forces to become thoughtful about inscrutable ways of development of society. Creators consciously narrate about very - very near future, suggesting audience to try on a situation on themselves and to make a choice: who are you, the hunter or the victim, a creature shivering or the right have? This sacramental question is read in the opinion of leaving a cinema hall because everyone understands - if you do not go on Halloween, then does not mean yet that the holiday will not come to you. And what is considered today a fantasy or rubbish becomes a legislative initiative tomorrow.

“Judgment night“, despite spirit of pioneering, has the whole assembly of predecessors with whom imperceptibly thin, but resistant spirit of provocation also tries to keep step. It both the well-known “Straw dogs“ of Pekinpy where the similar conflict had local character, and the Japanese classics “Royal fight“ on which plot the government controlled splash in violence, making to “a Minotaur of aggression“ a sacrifice in the form of unrestrained school students. And, certainly, “Amusing games“ of Michael Haneke.

Difference of creation of Demonako only that social implication is increased, but it is not quite ready. We have to finish thinking (or to wait for the sequel), what will be farther, when there comes morning and recent murderers will turn into lovely smiling neighbors and fellow workers again. Also it is not so much interesting process of the legalized mutilation, how many its consequences which authors preferred to hold back.