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Parody detective story “Cleaner“ (2004). The German humour across Foggy Albion?

In opposition are well-fad - the ill-bred detective Skotlend - Yard and the infernal villain by nickname “Cleaner“ is always the place to the good song. And from the last you will not throw out words: the chief - the inspector, owing to unsportsmanlike dimensions and an assembly of addictions, is late to a crime scene eternally. the Criminal world does not forgive to

badly tied laces - the next raid leads to death of gently favourite workmate and stagnation of career development. Having mourned medium well the friend`s remains, the inspector safely goes to hard drinking, till the antagonist continues to terrorize old kind England …

How many do not remove Hollywood of parodies strange, and to Germans all the same is where to ungirdle. Toby Baumann answered with biting stylization under the Victorian detective story import airplanes, hotheads and naked guns, at once having hilled works of the ancestor of a genre “thriller“ Edgar Wallace. Safely quoting classics and contemporaries, Baumann and the company mocked at excessively serious and rectilinear screen versions of Wallace much, and also poked sendings to various cult flika, starting with “Mappet here and there - show“ and finishing with “Star wars“. At the same time their creation does not look how some today`s skits, a set of trite gags. It turns out that for the sake of it is not obligatory for viewer to stick laughter into a face with genitals or to incessantly exaggerate a sortirny subject, there is still a heap of ways to make laugh audience though not all of them, owing to specifics of this concrete parody, will be in large quantities understood.

The main character - something between Hercule Poirot, the lieutenant Frank Drebin and your neighbor - the alcoholic: the rumpled clumsy clodhopper with bad manners, big heart and the detective`s habits. On the investigation course he tries to make several impracticable missions - to equip private life, to send away new and extremely importunate workmate, and also to catch the gone too far Cleaner, Fantomas`s hybrid with The Phantom of the Opera. Whether it be the star Hollywood project, fight the chief - the inspector and the criminal would become a corner cobble-stone of the narration, but creators on it, thank God, did not stop and flooded a plot with the mass of picturesque minor characters. Here to you and the old woman - the blue stocking with an obscene surname and exhausted with the wife and the Iron Curtain the tourist from GDR, and, at last, enchantingly the amusing butler - the Fuhrer with characteristic short moustaches and manners. And it is not all collection of extravagant types. Valuably the fact that all of them do not merge in uniform medley are not pushed and do not disturb the friend the friend in a shot, and are smeared by a uniform layer on all timing. Baumann allocated to everyone on several minutes of fame.

The miscalculation of authors only that as object of sneers they chose a series little-known wide audience of the West German tapes of the year one. It to follow the example of Brooks which took as a basis immortal plots (“Young Frankenstein“), or Trinities Tsuker - Tsuker - Abrakhams that was parodied by rather fresh hits. As a result a number of amusing film quotes and hints is just lost in lots of standard sketches. Who all these “people“: the monk with a switch, the man in Kermit`s suit, the abbot in a pink cassock? Meanwhile all this characters of the books of Wallace popularized in 50 - 60 - x years Germans Alfred Forer and Harald Reinl. In “Cleaner“ all of them - only a tribute to the past, a background for history which will remind much “Fantomas“ of Yunebel. Will remind in good sense though the movie obviously lacks professionals of level of de Funes and to Mara. No doubt, both Oliver Kalkofe, and Bastian Pastiwka won back adequately, but nevertheless is not brilliant. It is possible the matter is that absence in the German fatherland of strong comedy school whereas the French and Italian names at all very famous.

Nevertheless the tape turned out easy, unostentatious and reckless. Not unbridled and trite, as the majority modern American a grief - parodies, and stylish and inventive. Perhaps also falls short of early masterpieces of Brooks, but authors compensate shortage of natural talent by enthusiasm and respect for the quoted material.