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Mostly the gameplay always makes 10 games with a surprising plot of

a play experience rather surprising, however it should be taken into account also the narration, especially if it is really magnificent. While the mechanics of game will always be that factor which increases a factor funny nature in most cases, the plot is also important and can push the general experience on higher level. Yes, the excellent story can turn worthy game into a masterpiece, opening doors for new creative opportunities for developers and marketing specialists. Though, of course, it is possible to claim that the majority of popular games possess a good plot, the following 10 games (in our opinion) are considered a cut above the others. They offer you an opportunity to plunge into alternative reality which in differs from most of others.

Metal Gear Solid

Besides essential break concerning the concept of the gameplay based on a stealth, Metal Gear Solid is played as, some kind of, graphic novel. Moreover, to tell that history of game was confused and difficult, - to tell nothing it. Game keeps you in suspense throughout all game process and really takes the breath away. Without doubts, MGS output the spy drama to new heights among other video games, presenting us a large number of new interesting opportunities and setting thinking after game ended.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, PlayStation Network

Final Fantasy VI

Of course the Final Fantasy series does not need representation. For admirers of RPG she is one of the main representatives of a genre for a long time in general. However FFVI is distinguished from the others just because it differs from the predecessors most. It not only entered some elements a stimpanka, but also presented extremely wide choice of characters, also as well as the intertwining network of subject subjects, a context and events which unite, creating very bright and live world.

Platforms: SNES, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Android, iOS

L. A. Noire

throughout centuries gamers dreamed of game which would allow them to take part in the tragic detective, and really LA Noire gave us such chance. It is obvious that movies exerted impact on game, and also directly police culture and news of Los - Andzheles, and at the same time is possible to remain it extremely unique and dynamic. Mostly game tells about feats of the detective Cole Phelps (Cole Phelps), the character, similar to Elliot Nessa (Elliot Ness) which, in fact, incorruptible and very clever. In game a series of tremendous cases, including meetings with the notorious murderer of Dahlia, some of unpleasant politicians, connected with fight against crime is presented. All this conducts to the characteristic tragic final which actually quite touching and nostalgic.

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Max Payne

Max Payne - it is the graphic novel with a large number of interactive functions and the intriguing fight. Unlike many other games in this list, apparently, that her developers wanted to create history with structure of the game constructed around it and good game mechanics. Moreover, as they throw you back in retrospective shots, really helps to emphasize a revenge corner for the killed family of the main character. Eventually you will be more than are ready to revenge.

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Mac, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Android

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