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What we love the relatives for? Who only this Siberia invented

I? It was so good without it … And then … Ra - az! Also brought … Generally they, usually, in cabbage are found. Or - the stork brings. But the last - less often and somewhere there, neznamo where. Or behind the Kudykiny mountain. We have no storks. Here Pashka was also brought from this Siberia. Painfully it was necessary here. And the beginning - the axis … Is not present

, not at once, of course. First he kept a low profile as if all from itself such good … “Musi - pus“ is simple. Lies to itself in a kolyska * and havat porridge from a small bottle. On all hut champs. And to it for that the granny even utters nothing. And that nakhavatsya and let`s bubbles let on all room as if with that happiness at all - trousers full it is simple. Would lie better yes the pacifier smacked the lips. “Mus - pus“ …

A then went … Went … Zagromykhalo also rushed off as that goods train at station.

For a start all toys gave it. Those which only mine were before. Not, so - that is also not a pity almost. The clown already without one hand. And at the car the fire-escape was lost. And back wheels.

Why does not go? Goes! Two round kolobashka attached the grandfather instead of wheels. Therefore, as in the room - just on a rug if. On a colored floor traces from them remain. It is possible to obtain. And in the yard - so everywhere it is possible. Both to a fence, and along it, and back - to a porch. But then on the yard most also did not allow Pashke. And in the room, so it from that rug to climb up did not even think. Was not able simply.

Then already. Here reptile … On “Oksanin“ began to respond. Who woman Oksanin grandson? I! You - then at what? Well, maybe, too grandson. So not “Oksanin“! No, as boys from the street will shout, so too puts the head in gate. And anywhere from it!

Yes on the small river we! Houses. Stay at home! Here where? No, trudges behind, at distance safe. You will hush on it, you will shake the fist, will run off it is sensitive. And then opya - to at. Tail.

And what? Too rod? Fish - joint stock company … From an oven - bryak! A worm and that cannot get on a hook, and there. All right, hold. Yes got, got …

Well … Who so throws? Who?! Here, look. Slightly took away a fishing-rod back and then … A cut - to. Forward! There, under bushes. Under bushes, I told! And you where? Yes do not pull! You will tear a scaffold. Now, we will unhook a hook from branches …

At boys already that in a bidonchik laps, and I am with you here … Here, look behind a float. As fish will lead it or will pull … Fie! Yes that not fish. It is a wave from the coast. Well, who so pulls? Who?!

We came to catch fish or on bushes to be rummaged? SI - go … It will unhook. As last time. When directly the hook drove into a palm and shouted so that even at club it was heard. Then did not want to smear with iodine, ran all circles … Three together it could not be caught. And flew to whom? Clear business …

All. Here, ashore, also watch Sidi for poplavy. I? I - to boys. In water it is impossible for you. Sidi! Ku - Uda?. Here where got? Look, both trouser-legs … almost to the knee wet.

And not to remove them from it to wring out and on bushes to stop being dried. “Devcho - onka“ … You never know supposedly by to bathe will go. Here. Trifle, and there … Yes to whom there your pants are necessary?!

Here is how with it “in an amicable way“? If he. The first. Also does not understand. goes a horn and bends the …

I now. “My woman!“. What - what? Whose woman? Yes you did not stand here and nearby when my woman was. From where you only such also undertook on mine … on ours with the granny of the head?

- Oh and tell you to it. Mine! How so, the general? My, my, my! It was also not absolutely when you already washing became!

No. Here, the reptile, already seized a granny`s hand and pulls aside. It, pier. Nich - what to … And I? What, went out for a walk? Here for just like that to take and give? All right, there clown, car, rod, worm, trousers old, sweater … Sweater, of course, beautiful … With a red strip, as at the real football player. But I already will also not enclose in it.

All right, let takes away. But granny … Not - it …

- And an ugly face will not burst? Mine!

And by other hand …

- MINE! - food! Say yes you to it … this

A there was already a mistake … Who knew?

The grandfather distracted from the works and come running on noise and din from the yard, some minute silently examined all this vanity flickering before eyes, the granny who by hands is stretching in different directions. Then, without a word, turned and left in a shade. That, literally in a second another it to be in a hut again, but already with sokyry ** in hands...

The shouting instantly abated. Pashka who was already beginning to roar in a voice even ceased to sniff:

- The grandfather …

- And?.

- Sokyra navishcho? ***

- So you cannot … You cannot divide the woman? Now we …

I the axe instantly flies up under a ceiling, for a second having been late at a bulb …

- Now we … Sokyra we will also divide. So that`s that. Equally that. To you this part. To Kostyan - this. How, it is good?.

But … Instead of the answer. At the same time, without arranging and without looking at such opposite ugly face on the other side of the granny:

- And - an aaa!

Both are instantly... Already at the granny on a neck. And it is strong - firmly … To it. Lyubimenkoy. In four hands. Very much … And as soon as that neck sustained?.

- And - an aaa!

- Prybera... Prybera to a sokyr, simpleton old! Dyvysya, a yak ditey perelyakav … **** and the granny of “ours“ became

Here. On all life which remained it.

No, so - that few times there were attempts everything is to understand finally and irrevocably, but … Which of us darted the fearful glance in time. And the second, having seen off this look towards an outer entrance hall, instantly curtailed that attempt and cleaned where far away. From eyes down with …

our, our granny. And to dispute any is not present. You feel, ***** the grandfather?.

* * *

And now and to divide even if and was what - whom … There is nobody. To the very best Far East Pashka got. You will not reach for days off, you will not make youself heard from Finnish to the Chinese border.

No, here always he was such reptile! And for what only I love it?.


* kolyska (yuzhnorussk.) - a cradle, a cradle, a small bed on abrupt runners in which rock to sleep the kid.

** sokyra (yuzhnorussk.) - axe.

*** Sokyra navishcho? (yuzhnorussk.) - Axe, what for?

**** Prybera... Prybera to a sokyr, simpleton old! Dyvysya, a yak ditey perelyakav - Clean … Remove the axe, the simpleton old! Watch how frightened children … ***** you Feel

(yuzhnorussk.) - you hear.