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Why people want to remember antecedents?

Any more nobody is surprised on the Internet by advertizing of various esoteric services, beginning from “I will charm darling by name“ and “I will cure cancer according to the photo“, finishing “I will involve good work“ and “I will damn the competitor“. But recently people go for consultations less to “prophetesses“ and “healers“ therefore those even more often call themselves “psychologists“.

Only instead of that to suggest to help as ordinary psychologists, to understand how to improve the normal relations with scandalous relatives or the captious chief, they suggest to learn the latest mantras on receiving money from the Universe or the one whom was a client in antecedents. The last begins to concern people even more often, and there are various consultations and methods of calculation. But what for?

Rare “expert“ will tell that his client in antecedents was a beggar and froze to death or the peasant who died of hunger in lean year. Usually all “are“ if not governors then court or wealthy citizens. At heart all understand that the bulk of people then lived in awful conditions if to compare to today`s level of comfort, and the minority, but auto-suggestion - a great thing was governors and even just wealthy people. It often raises a self-assessment that can add determination in questions of improvement of quality of life. Let`s say to make the decision to go to retraining courses if in a field of activity of the person there are not enough prospects, under the internal slogan “I such-that, I will be able, I am worthy it!“. Or, in a case with graduates of schools to choose future specialty, having as if got support: “yes, you were that - that, you do everything correctly“.

Also it can add new paints to human life, moving day by day along a route the house - work - the house and spending a free time in social networks. Because seldom who is content with information “you called so - you lived there - were engaged in that -“. Someone begins to read literature on a certain historical period, and someone - to be fond of historical reconstruction and to find new acquaintances thanks to the hobbies, to expand the circle of contacts. Let`s tell, the person can become interested in artists of some era or the weapon of that period, the fashion characteristic for those times, customs of those people, their food, architecture of housing or household manifestations of religiousness, broadening thus the horizons and becoming even more interesting interlocutor or receiving inspiration for creativity.

Some use the obtained information as a starting point for dreams. As someone watches in the evenings TV, distracting from day cares, so others psychologically relax, dreaming on “if I was a queen“ and feeling nostalgic what was never seen.

Well, and someone looks for the reason of the problems in the past. As some accuse of all the troubles the government, representatives of other nationality or the parents who them in the nedolyubila childhood, so others look for the reasons in antecedents... That the head hurts not because of, say, meteosensitivity but because it was chopped off in some there year; the neigbour is angry not because loudly turned on the TV late at night but because in antecedents we were at enmity; and so on...

In principle, for the person not inclined to mental diseases, it is not dangerous at all. But, unfortunately, usually badly affects the relations with close people as it is with a bang used for a self-justification. As they say, than the child played if only all were live and healthy.