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How to choose the laptop?

If you decided to buy the laptop, do not hurry. It to you not a loaf of bread in grocery. Purchase is rather serious and before to make it, well think. Namely decide for what you will use more this device. laptops are divided

By characteristics on:



House (as replacement to the desktop computer).

For surfing and social networks.

we will talk about everyone on in more detail Now.

1. Working laptops mean themselves work in text editors and on the Internet. Such laptop will be the cheapest in comparison with other categories as powerful parameters are not required for it. You should not choose the laptop with a size of screen more than 15,6 inches. The video card also should not exceed 2 gigabytes as it not really is useful to you. Also there will be rather built-in video card no more than 1 gigabyte. The consultant in shop with pleasure will prompt you the model corresponding to these characteristics.

2. If you are going to play much, you need the laptop more powerfully. Such model will be the most expensive of all above-mentioned. The screen by the size should not be inferior to the working laptop, that is at least 15,6 inches. The video card has to be at least on 2 gigabytes, at the same time existence of the slot for additional is extremely desirable. The size of random access memory - from 4 gigabytes and above. At the choice of such laptop it is better to choose the most modern as games come out with velocity of light, and their requirements only grow.

3. the Home laptop replacing the home computer. Such type means the biggest screen, about 18,4 inches - for viewing of movies and video. Power of loudspeakers is also very important as in the majority of portable computers it is very small. The price and characteristics of this laptop also depend on whether you like to play games. If you often play games, that is sense to choose the game laptop as its characteristics will be suitable both for games, and for other tasks.

4. the Laptop for surfing. If you do not play games, watch movies, then prizadumaytes a little, maybe, it is better to choose the netbook? Such device has the small screen and it is ideally suited for fans of social networks, but at the price rather more laptops with similar parameters. If you are sure that you need the laptop, then it is worth choosing weaker model and consequently also cheaper. The screen size is not important for surfing at all. Random access memory can also not exceed 2 gigabytes, and there will be enough video card and on 512 megabytes. Such laptop is also one of the cheapest categories.

It is the best of all to compare laptops in the Internet - shops where all parameters before you. You can easily choose, compare and read comments of people about each model. After that you will go to shop already confident in the choice. And if you are overcome nevertheless by doubts, then you will be helped undoubtedly by the consultant with shop of electrical equipment.

I hope, after reading of this article you will be able easily to choose to yourself the laptop which will conform to your requirements.