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Peter de Hokh: what sees - about that sings?

With pleasure sometimes I sing something almost melodious, looking at the world around myself. As that boy who obviously sings in A. E. Arkhipov`s picture “Return“. It was lucky me in life - memory of the childhood left for me pictures of enthusiastic perception of the world. I remember only mysterious and mysterious, surprising and impressive, good and beautiful. And now among all other and ordinary first of all mechanically I try to discover what can be glad and what to admire.

I Love beautiful painting. Just “correct“ mind I understand, I agree, but I enjoy all - beautiful combinations of flowers and masterly equipment of the artist. As, for example, in I. E. Grabar`s work “A February azure“ or in “Dance among swords“ of G. I. Semiradsky.

I am surprised to ability to transfer by means of painting air and space - I. E. Repin “Did not wait“. Against light - all dark? At all! Wonders are worked by V. A. Serov in the picture “The Girl with Peaches“. Whether all can gloomy and oppressive to be beautiful? Can - A. E. Arkhipov of “Laundress“. And how the joyful sunny day looks? Probably, so - “Guests“ of the same artist.

Picture “Mother near a Cradle“, artist Peter de Hokh. To try to understand the author, I will try to take mentally his place behind an easel and also mentally to repeat already written. As painting of this artist is a detailed transfer in the form of the painted drawings something already available from household items or what it would be desirable to have, that is to draw sense sitting. Ahead long and tiresome hours of a srisovyvaniye from nature with a hint on the constructed drawing.

Here … Took seat on the imagined artist`s chair. I look. I peer into a picture, hoping to see something, capable to blow up my fragile world of an esthetics. Passed minutes five (or that less). My safe and sound world - the artist Peter de Hokh did not strike me with the vision of the world. Also there is no desire for hours to see similar pictures both in life, and in the fine arts.

About what it is possible to sing, looking at a huge figure of the woman in the foreground? Height of the head of the person keeps within in growth at most eight times. If the woman from a picture gets up how many time it is possible to put this piece to its growth?. The artist a little overdid. Perhaps, the premises sizes with its incredibly high ceiling so on it worked?

The second that was evident - a thin candle as lighting on all vast object of the house and the dumbfounded girl at a doorway. Light - nearly a searchlight or one hundred spotlights. Is why to freeze with allegedly raised leg. Or it is the movement?. About - yo - yo!

Korzinisty and lyulkoobrazny revolts: there are no handles, and runners crookedly - are slantwise attached. Disorder. There is no wish to sing. It is impossible to spit - what wons a clean floor. Weigh in patches of light. As in the operating room. Or - as in a lobby of some office.

The recess for occupation by a dream really impresses - a black blanket and a pillow dirty by sight. Nearby constantly some thingummy hangs on the long handle. I do not know that it. It is thought - it is certain “uspokoitel“ for having sleeplessness. Tres! on … all also sleep peacefully.

Once again looked at the woman with a lace from a corset. And remembered himself. Remembered how I, putting on (or changing clothes), also play with the cats. Took, for example, in hand a sock and before putting on it, I begin to play a sock. Cats are happy. Time goes. Again I am late for work.

Still impress pictures, dark to a disgrace, under a ceiling. That it not for appearance, clear. Then for what they? Someone or something to frighten off? In the represented room there are no objects of a religious cult. Also there are no interesting household goods, there are no tools and there are no various devices for creativity. There are no musical instruments … There are no songs.

There are no children`s toys also - only laces from a corset for the period of clothing of mummy.