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Whether it is so important - who at a wheel now? History of one Hungarian soldier

then still socialist Hungary I got the construction crew member. In Sekeshfekhervare business was … Yes, in Sekeshe. Only “Sekeshfekhervar“ - it we tell

. Hungarians, seemingly, tell this word - the name approximately also, but with, unheard to us, modulations of a voice or something there still. It is inaccessible to our ear, and therefore language, but absolutely in a different way.

Everything, to the Soviet measures, the short road from Sopron to Sekesh that behind conversation, laughter and jokes we imperceptibly slipped in fried thoroughly as the warmed oven, “Ikarusa“, the same students who were perfectly speaking in Russian, accompanying us, Nadj and Imre, regularly replacing each other, was asked:

- So where we go, guys?

At first povroz, and at the end of the road already amicably, chorus the standard Russian answer sounded:

- In Xie - kesh - fe - a her - var!

On receipt of which all Hungarian Trinity, including the driver, was filled in with amicable and long incessant laughter. On the pronounced man`s component of laughter which is contrastly differing from female it was clear that all of us, and together, and povroz, tell some refined Magyar scabrousness.

Therefore as soon as the amicable laughing oratorio came to naught and slowly maiden delights concerning the landscapes not seen earlier rushing behind a window calmed down, someone from an honourable Hungarian escort asked the question which is not bothering to our attendants again:

- So where? …

And everything came back to the circles … To the following question. Just the same … business was

* * *

Yes, in Sekeshe. Small, on pitersko - Moscow and even on Kharkiv, to scales, the Hungarian town in fifty kilometers from Budapest. And in the same fifty - from Balaton, but in the party, opposite to the capital, on Hugo - the West.

Lodged us in a high, multystoried candle of the student`s hostel. In the downtown. As well as in any hostel, the place for the duty porter was equipped on the first floor, before the small platform which had on an entrance and an exit from it on a swing door with big glasses.

And here day through three, seemingly, we are already and managed to become familiar, on an entrance, probably, managed to see us through door glass, the porter meets our rallied company and in rather pure Russian welcomes:

- Hello!

In Russian. No, so - that in those days the native speech sounded in the city quite often. In total - in Sekeshe there was a large garrison of the Southern group of troops. And to the people, in the area of the Satellite or Intourist which arrived to get acquainted with a commodity variety of the country, brotherly on a socialist camp, was very much. Therefore on the street, in shop where in the dining room is not present and you will hear a conversation scrap on great and mighty.

But from the Hungarian? Moreover and unfamiliar to us …

Surprised and a little intrigued, we stopped. Surrounded a thin ringlet gray-haired, shortly and accurately tonsured, average height, the thin elderly man with a suntanned and yet not old face.

It appeared, Laszlo was at war in Horti`s army. On East front. Near Novorossiysk its “Messer“ brought down. Managed to jump out of the burning plane. Between the sea and the earth chose the last. Landed in an arrangement of our parts. Captivity. Nearly a year of camp in Siberia. There also learned Russian. In the same place understood that all … Still slightly - slightly and … - kog - yes. To see nevermore to it blue Danube.

Therefore put on a table to the godfather (the chief of operational part of camp) by hand the written application. I want to expiate supposedly. Blood. The fault - if not before the Homeland, then before the world proletariat … was not enough

of Pilots on fronts. Good - especially. And here still the fighter which is well knowing both equipment, and tactics of air fight of the opponent. Month - other retraining, and Laszlo`s war finished already on MiG.

Those on one of which Alexander Pokryshkin, one of the best air experts of Red Army, for the second day of war, over the Prut, brought down first Me - 109E. However, that was the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. And on its second year it became clear that serious shortcomings of the car - weak arms, difficulties in piloting, especially when landing, rather low high-speed and specifications at small and average heights - do not allow to use fully MiG - 3 as the front fighter. And attack planes Il - the 2nd front demanded everything in large and large numbers. Motors that for MiG that for Il, were issued one plant. For increase in production of so necessary attack planes in troops release of engines for MiG - 3 was curtailed.

But those more than three thousand planes that defensive plants during 1940-1941 let out, continued to be at war. MiG found for itself application as the high-rise night fighter in the air defense system where its big ceiling (to 12 000 m) and speed at heights were decisive. So it, generally was also applied until the end of war.

Probably, there is nothing surprising that did not put Laszlo on the secret “seventh“ Lavochkin from all directions - La - 7, being considered as one of the best front fighters of the end of war. And you never know... Suddenly it on it, absolutely confidential and through a front line?. To ““. Who it, the Hungarian of it, knows? In soul others a small lamp you will not light … And so, in air defense and on already laid off … Why is also not present?.

Here too - destiny of the person. Destiny... The soldier got, the person dependent to execute the military oath obliged, between the Soviet hammer and the German anvil...

But, it is visible, there was in it something like that, allowed not only to survive, escape, but also not to break. To return - let not to the sources, but to the riverbed of blue Danube and if not Danube even, then Balaton. Whether and in it an essence - Danube, Balaton? To a home, the roots, the person returned. Perhaps, because they, these roots, helped it then.

The house - it is always native. The, heat of the family rich. And who now at a wheel - Horti, Rakosha, Kadar or Groce whether it is so important for the survivor and the person who came back from fields of the Second world meat grinder?.

* * *

And little girls in Hungary beautiful. Here only... Slightly that then run to confess. In a church. Or mothers. Or both there, and there at once., It seems, so - is more true.