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Danger, extreme, adventures. Who needs an adrenaline dose?

Sometimes in our remarkable world can be met people who cannot just live without risk, danger. Quite often them call madmen, freaky. Admire them and even shoot about them movies. But whether thirst of adrenaline is “prerogative“ only of small percent of people? can be

A, this draft is hidden in each of us, but is as if in the sleeping state? Whether it is necessary to awake her is a question another. Whether you for yourself noticed thoughts that it would be exciting to test the strength, to prove to be? What constrained you from realization of any “madness“? Most likely, constrained an instinct of self-preservation, fear, uncertainty which, It should be noted, are not always the negative phenomena, and rather normal reaction to danger or even only possible danger.

So, the serious limiting factor the instinct of self-preservation serves. It quite often keeps us from rash actions. By the way, for different people criteria of danger sometimes quite strongly differ. And what for one is trouble-free, for another can be inadmissible or impracticable. For example, the person A is capable to make kaskadyorsky tricks without special difficulties, but in panic is afraid of a scene while the person of B freely addresses huge audience, but is afraid to execute what can And.

Obviously, those conditions, under which the person receives some dose (times very much even considerable), of adrenaline, can be absolutely various both in a form, and according to contents. As a result, it is logical to assume that it is not obligatory to risk life and health at all to feel peculiar euphoria from adventure, there is nobody tests. Eventually, life of any person is series of unique, unique tests.

And to you, dear reader, sometime came to mind of thought of a look “As I boringly live...“? These thoughts are familiar to much, but whether really you have nothing to remember? Think, analyse the course of life and you will find much - many ridiculous, amusing, extreme and adventurous adventures. Let these adventures also do not fall under the standard standard of extreme lifestyle.

Separately It should be noted that widely advertized template of behavior of the thrill-seeker - the professional, besides a positive example, shows only one look “to tickle nerves“ which is very injury-causing. This narrow-mindedness at some people can generate a peculiar dissatisfaction with the achievements, adventures, vital events. As a result, other ways to test itself are as if in the “oppressed“ or hidden state. And these other ways (for example, the same public statements or competitions of engineering talents) do not receive a due response in society. Their promoting would be very useful to society.

So can, to the state or public organizations (for example, together with business) it is worth taking idea of promoting of alternative types of “adventurism“? For example, to begin to shoot movies about achievements not only in a sport field...