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Strategic Thinking. Lesson first [[Development and application]]

Author: Yury Vektor.

The thinking is represented to much of us heavy and sluggish process, is associated with a lonely way of life, to horror boring and painful. One Chinese philosopher told - the wise governor will make stomachs of the wards full, and the heads empty. You want to appear in this “remarkable“ country? We already almost there.

If you are full of determination to escape from the fooling artificial reality of our society, you should independently learn in art to think. Nobody ever will begin to develop this skill in us more, than it is necessary for performance of ordinary functions. I will tell more well - everything that lies abroad your comfort, lies abroad your art to think.

What is “strategic thinking“? - “I rush there where there will be a washer, but not there where it was several moments ago“ - the great hockey player Wayne Gretski said, and same there was Steve Jobs`s motto.

The standard definition - “Strategy as a way of actions, becomes necessary in a situation when for direct achievement of a main objective not enough cash resources. A problem of strategy is effective use of cash resources for achievement of a main objective“.

We will learn in art to see tendencies of tomorrow?

So to reach superiority over other people in the field of thinking pay for a start special attention to the following areas of your life:

1. Education and education

The more was put in you at early age, the you will be able to collect more fruits when you get on feet. Education has to bring you joy equally, as well as bring up. Choose that area of knowledge which is closer to you on spirit. Self-education also to belong to this point.

2. Experience of responsibility for group of people

you Learn to direct. Begin with yourself. If you have children, surely pay attention to development of a sense of responsibility in them for group of people. The word strategy has the Greek roots. It comes from the word “strategia“ that means the skillful management.

3. Experience of fight in various ideological structures

was Rather lucky those people who had experience of victories in ideological opposition. Forget that it is not good to argue. It is not good to be stupid, it is the fact! If there is an opportunity to intercept an initiative in dialogue and to prove the point of view surely join and finish the opponent.

4. The mentor

the Real mentor is a person who besides transfer of knowledge, regularly traces your hidden defects and helps to eliminate them. I laugh when to me employees come and say that they ended abrupt courses at very cool trainers, master classes and so forth. If you made a mistake, you have to test all its consequences. To go to such master classes where any your revealed shortcoming is brightened up or remains for later, all the same what to go to the box without sparrings.

5. Suite of strong

Surround yourself with people more successful than you. Thus your brain will begin to adopt involuntarily their models of thinking that in a consequence will raise you on new level.

The strategic thinking is a system vision + ability to concretize the facts + ability to take information.

The strategic thinking can be spread out to four equivalent components:

1. Dynamic visualization. Ability to expect succession of events in various circumstances. Ability which it is possible and it is necessary to train.

2. Mission. Understanding of your place on coordinates of surrounding reality and a concentration on the purpose. Kasparov: “The main thing in chess not that, on how many courses forward you think, and how well you analyze the current situation“.

3. Framework. Understanding of real threats and difficulties which you will meet with the movement to the purpose.

4. Resources. Your financial, spiritual and intellectual resources. It is important to learn to look for resources in negative situations over time. So Kutuzov expected that it is necessary to hand over Moscow.

For development of strategic thinking I recommend to you to carry out the following instructions regularly.

1. Ask yourself questions of expediency of your current actions. For example, you open a browser window. Stop, realize yourself. Remember what you wanted to make before and as this action brings closer me to my result. I recommend to make all major of esoterics to myself such here headdress or prompt “As my current actions brings closer me to my purpose?“

2. Dynamic Visualization. It is the main work which you should master. I will devote to this subject the next releases. Data of exercise in them activate and develop the occipital part of a brain responsible including for strategic thinking. You learn to represent a situation entirely, and in details. At the first stage look through during the day not less than ten various situations on the following algorithm. At first in general, noting what everything began with and what everything led to. Then segment a situation and try to hold them all in the head at the same time.

For example, I went outside to buy waters. In details: having felt thirst I decided that it would be quite good to buy waters since our blue teapot broke again, I left in a corridor and received SMS, answering I did not notice that on the street the rain etc. went.

3. Dynamic planning. Create dynamic schedules of development of your projects. It is information on the future. I will describe it later.

4. Positive expansion. Everything that teaches us - expands our perception. Regularly remember and register one concrete unpleasant situation from your past. Analyzing the facts, look for at least ten positive solutions of this situation.

5. Rule “TO-LATER“. Very useful exercise for development of strategic thinking. It yields the fruits when the person gets into a stressful situation when any techniques glitch. Only experience and the acquired neural communications in a brain helps. We will also create these communications. Pay attention to any fact / subject. Logically build sequence of events why it appeared here and now, then continue a logical chain and define, what will be farther, in a minute, hour, day, year. It is very important not to be lazy and it is patient, overcoming internal resistance, to build a harmonious logical chain.

For example, I am faced by musical columns. Count all chain why columns face you. How they appeared? If you begin to be forgotten you can register the course of the thoughts and further re-read. Then continue reasonings and define what will be with columns day later, month, year. The most valuable in this exercise - to overcome internal resistance. Win from the absent-mindedness every minute when you keep concentration.

I will begin to publish in the following releases technology of development of dynamic visualization. Their development literally attracts the desirable in the practician`s life.

Article from “the Liberation Technique“ of Yury Vektor.