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How to make the woman happy? Casanova`s secrets of

Each man somewhere at heart dreams to get monasteries of the legendary temper of women Giacomo Casanova and to find only a right way to mysterious female heart. still to make

A so that after proximity any woman idolized it and forever remained grateful. As it to achieve

? The famous adventurer of the past slightly opens the secrets.

He was not a handsome and a star of show - business. He was not an oligarch too. He was nobody, but thanks to the bright identity Casanova achieved unknown success at representatives of a fine half of mankind and became history as “the king of sophisticated love“.

Than it submitted women? Countesses and servants, conventuals and courtesans, beauties and not really. And they with pleasure gave to this sly fellow the both bodies, and soul.

I rose on happiness tops!

1. Loved in the woman … the woman.

the Great temper always set one purpose in a bed - to bring the woman to an orgasm, love ecstasy, madness of passion. And it managed it fully. He thought of himself in the last turn.

2. Was able to love long.

Casanova could not get out for days of a love bed. He continuously “cajoled“ one lady the whole twelve hours in a row, but achieved result - the woman for the first time in life tested the real orgasm.

3. Perfectly knew all points of “G“ of a female body.

It studied a female body to the smallest nuances. Was able to dement women, carefully and gently caressing their clitoris - most often language. The cunnilingus in its execution was the real shock for ladies, at that time men did not indulge women such refined love “dish“.

4. Experimented in a bed. with

he was irritated by boring gestures at one speed. Casanova changed a rhythm, poses and places of occupations by love. Did not avoid, by the way, and public sex - for example, in theater or the public fountain.

5. Often asked for the help to … to the artificial member.

According to his contemporaries, Casanova did not avoid entertainments with a dildo. And his confidantes willingly accepted the help of “additional“ man`s advantage. It helped to disclose their female sexuality completely. Besides, the “substitute“ member helped out Casanova when for some reasons the potentiality suddenly vanished.

6. “Love“ kitchen. the Great lover often prepared for

“exciting“ dishes, having tried which women became the real furies in a bed.

7. Generously rewarded women. Casanova was generous

and spent big money on the passions. And it very much was pleasant to them - well what woman will be able to refuse gifts, new clothes and jewelry.

But there is more to come!

Main “counter“ of Casanova - communication.

He could not be silent in a bed. Also spoke about everything. He literally “exorcized“ women, enveloped them a cocoon of beautiful and gentle words, intoxicated with unusual compliments.

Casanova was able to come into hidden spiritual contact with the mistresses, captivated them, subordinated to the will. And sex was for it only communication continuation - only at other level.

The woman always was for Casanova the unique tool - the God`s violin on which he was able (and loved!) to play masterly. And in it the main secret of the famous adventurer consists.