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You love oat-flakes? It it is possible not only is!

Though are - first of all. It is difficult to overestimate advantage of oat-flakes. Having in structure such useful elements as zinc, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium, vitamins of group B, vitamins A and E, porridge is absolutely irreplaceable for an organism. Oat-flakes is easily acquired, well influence a gastrointestinal tract, fill with energy and clear an organism. And all this, of course, is reflected in appearance. To eat every day for breakfast porridge from oat flakes - means, to have further beautiful hair, clean skin and strong nails. However oat-flakes can serve as

to appearance not only “from within“, but also “outside“. That is flakes can be used in the cosmetic purposes. For this purpose it is the best of all to crush oat-flakes, for example, in the coffee grinder.

Porridge possesses the clearing and drying properties, promotes a skin matting, eliminating a greasy luster. Also feeds skin with useful substances what in it it is enough. In the summer skin especially needs it. It is possible to do masks and face scrubs and bodies of flakes.

Masks. to Mix porridge with warm water, to wait a little until it bulks up“ and to apply on face skin (avoiding area around eyes) and a body. It is possible to add something for the best effect: extracts of plants, various cosmetic additives, flower water. Or a little olive oil - and such mask is good all-type skin. And to add peach, coconut or / and cocoa butter - for dry skin will be excellent. For fat it is possible oils and not to add, and it is possible - oil of grape seed.

You should not wait for full drying up as porridge then is washed away more difficultly. And the additional friction can cause irritation on skin. As soon as the mask began to dry up - it is a high time to wash away carefully it, at desire to calm skin ice or grass water, and then it is possible to put a soft cream also.

Some cosmetologists recommend to apply cream for the day following after procedures with a srub. It is considered that skin has to calm down. By the way, if skin sensitive is also easily irritated, then, perhaps, masks from oat-flakes will not approach. But all individually.

If to mix oat-flakes with warm milk, then besides clarification, skin will receive both good food and easy bleaching. Besides, there - at all will not damage a little basic oil.

For dry skin it is possible to use sour cream with oat-flakes - and your skin will become, as at the young girl.

For fat it is better to use kefir.

The srub prepares in the same way. It is just necessary to prepare more. Carefully massage the clean, steamed-out face or a body. Wash away water.

Oat-flakes plus sour cream / kefir - the softest srub on light after which it is possible not to be afraid that the summer sun will do much harm to the updated skin. For dry skin - ideal option. In the summer you should not abuse srubs, but such it is absolutely harmless. For the best skrabiruyushchy effect it is possible to add to weight the sea salt crushed in the coffee grinder, but such srub will not be too soft any more.

I like to do to a srub of oat-flakes and powder of a bamboo . Such powder is on sale in shops for soap makers (there it is possible to buy not only components for production of house soap, but also everything that is necessary for preparation of house cosmetics: additives, oils, extracts, hydroarmour and there is a lot more what). Bamboo powder delicately polishes an integument, but separately, in pure form, it is not recommended to be used. And here with oat-flakes - just right. Skin after such srub - incredibly pure and smooth, just silk.

But there is more to come ways which it is possible to improve appearance by means of oat flakes.

The flakes crushed in powder - an excellent thickener for masks from berries / fruit / vegetables, which is difficult to be distributed on the person. I like to do, for example, masks of a tomato, and to make so that the tomato pulp did not flow down from a face, the same oat-flakes help.

Of course, it is impossible to refuse the ready looking after cosmetics. You will replace many with nothing. But natural it is much better. We often choose cosmetics with “natural additives“. And producers focus attention of consumers on their contents, advertizing the next cosmetic novelty. And why not to use these most natural additives in pure form? Oat flakes quite often meet as a part of different store srubs, masks and creams. Used separately, they will bring much more benefit.