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The ticket from Leningrad. What grandmothers remember behind a cup of tea?

to the Senior generation are what to remember and tell. Together with me there lives my grandmother. Clear business that sometimes when she is forced to spend the whole day alone, she lacks communication. In the evenings, behind a cup of tea she likes to tell stories of the youth. Here what story of the travel to Leningrad she told me once

the Narration will go from her face further...

Having received a vacation pay, I re-stuck wall-paper in the apartment. And here the acquaintance calls and suggests to go according to the tour to Leningrad. I dreamed of it long ago, but after repair of money did not remain. Asked for the husband - refused (the miser!) . Then I appealed to the younger son - the teenager - to give me a gold chain which he found in Gorky Park, at a shop. Probably, some couple so passionately on it embraced that it did not notice loss.

Thank God, the son did not go to the father: presented me a chain that I could achieve the dream. I was going to pawn it. About it the husband heard and suggested to sell to him. Bought - representatives have his nationalities passion to gold.

We with the girlfriend acquired permits and left on a camp site. We were carried every day to Leningrad, to Tsarskoye Selo, in Pushkin Looked at everything, at full scale. And as it was time of continuous deficiency, bought which - that.

Some days before departure I began to stack a suitcase. The air ticket caught sight. I think: and why it I it store? Decided that it is the ticket from Rostov to Leningrad. On the way for breakfast I put the ticket in half, then several times, to a small lump, and threw into a ballot box.

On the eve of a departure I suddenly found out that there is no ticket for a way back. Then understood that threw out it!

The case of hotel was nine-floor, with a refuse chute. Went to the janitor, learned that the garbage was not taken out yet. We with it got up to a jug and began to rummage in it. I remembered it how I from a dressing gown pocket together with pieces of paper threw out once a watch. Then I was lucky: hours lay in a tank and even ticked.

This time good luck did not repeat. And business was complicated by the fact that there is no money left for the new ticket. To call my miser? It is useless, will not help. It was necessary to sell the bought deficiency in hotel: to bank of instant coffee, set of the Week underwear and so forth. The girlfriend gave the last money.

In aviacash desk I told about happened to me. Asked to sell the ticket for the same flight and the place near the girlfriend. Refused. Advised to go to the airport. Like, empty seats will sell there. Tried in turn to explain - did not understand. I stood a heel, and it was necessary to wait for the following flight.

The friend departed. I came back home at one o`clock in the morning. It is good what at that time from the airport to the house could be reached by a taxi for 1 ruble 20 kopeks.

All - I visited Leningrad, despite all adventures! And divorced the miser after 23 years of joint life...

Now before to throw out something, the grandmother attentively studies each piece of paper, tears it to pretty pieces but only then throws in a garbage can. If I throw out some papers, then she will surely ask whether something necessary is not there Also will surely glance in a bucket, suddenly I threw out something not that too.

I like to listen to its stories though there is not always free time. But I try to do it to a thicket...