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Autogyro. What it, future transport?

Happen so: you get stuck in a traffic jam the second hour, being late for work, and you feel wild envy to all creatures flying. And there is a wish as they, it is simple to fly up over ranks of cars and somewhat quicker to reach the destination. And the future already prepares for us such opportunity! Get acquainted, the first individual flying transport - an autogyro.

the Autogyro, or a girokopter, it is impossible to call the flying car. More likely, it is similar to the reduced helicopter with some signs of the plane. Meanwhile the autogyro managed to take certain pluses from all three vehicles. Main of them: safety, ease in management and reasonable price.

As flies an autogyro

As it was already mentioned above, an autogyro - a hybrid of the plane and helicopter. With helicopter it is made related by existence of the bearing screw and the principle of autorotation - automatic rotation of the screw, without the engine. Only for the helicopter such way of flight - emergency, whereas for an autogyro - the main. Exactly thanks to autorotation, the girokopter is considered the safest flying means.

By the itself screw, certainly, will not rotate. Rotation is created at the expense of a counter flow of the air appearing at the movement of all device. So leaves what to hang on the place is very problematic if there is no head wind untwisting the screw. It is necessary to plan over the earth all the time. But there is plus: expenses of the engine do not go for rotation of a rotor as in the helicopter, instead they work for the movement. The engine helps to rotate to the screw only during the most difficult stage - rise of an autogyro when the aircraft only begins dispersal. Thereof, the engine for an autogyro is required less powerful, than from the helicopter, but more powerful, than from the car.

At take-off the relationship of an autogyro with plane comes to light. Both the first, and for the second requires dispersal on the earth, but for a girokopter it is significantly shorter - about 10 - 50 m that allows it to rise from platforms, absolutely unprepared for take-off.

Safety is caused by the fact that even at the decayed motor the autogyro is capable to land softly. Also it is much steadier against turbulence, than the plane or the helicopter. Loss of speed at an autogyro leads not to sharp falling, and to soft decrease.

In the pilot`s cabin

From within the girokopter represents a comfortable cabin with wide glasses that allows to admire the picture appearing below fully. Now girokopter use most often for simple survey flights.

On the place of the passenger all this, of course, is good. And how the pilot feels? Many flying pilots note unusual ease in management of a girokopter in comparison with his winged fellows. Avtozhirshchik can quite operate the device without special tension.

Beginners are recommended to complete special courses on piloting though it and not forcibly. As well as any other transport, an autogyro demands respect for themselves. Even just for the sake of its integrity it is worth spending for short courses, and then with a clear conscience to make competent independent flights.

of Prospect of introduction in life

Now when we understood a structure and management of an autogyro, is time to think of the main thing: whether this has chances a miracle - the machine to enter our life?

Two problems actual for cars - parkings and roads appear at us at once. The usual parking space quite will be suitable for an autogyro. The only thing, it will be necessary to remove constantly the top screw or to put it in the most comfortable position not to touch the “companions on the parking“ standing nearby in any way. For temporary placement the autogyro can be also suitable an empty roof.

With roads it is more difficult, the girokopter needs any running start for a raising. Engineers work on creation of autogyros with hopping take-off. So far it is known that such models will be much more difficult arranged and consequently, more expensively. But and conveniences in their operation will be more! And so far placement of take-off platforms is one of the main problems of autogyros.

In the future in the best way autogyros will serve as individual transport. The helicopter with a bigger loading capacity and vertical rise will be suitable for the saving, emergency purposes far better.

Whether cars will force out autogyros? It is unlikely. Anyway, the earth - more habitual environment for the person. More likely, autogyros will become additional transport, like bicycles. Mastering air ways, people will free part of land roads that will lead to decrease in number of traffic jams. Unfortunately, winter of a stopper can come back from - for low resistance of girokopter to this season. Here besides we wait for innovation from engineers.

Further, at bigger attention of the authorities to opportunities of a girokopter, he has every chance to become one of the most popular means of transport, and each person, at last, will be able to execute the long dream - to rise in the sky.