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How to make cake which can be eaten on a diet? Three simple recipes in the International day of cake

“Getting hungry, there are a wish to grow thin - all there is a wish“, - the character played by Kalyagin in the movie of “The slave to love“ said. And the majority keeping to a diet wants to eat also a cake, and to get rid of excess weight. How to combine these aspirations opposite at first sight?

Cakes and desserts in the majority have very high caloric content. Harm for a figure and health from such food aggravates a combination of a high fat content to a large amount of carbohydrates - connection in one plate fat and sweet leads to rapid growth of fatty cages. And if it is industrial pastries - that there practically there are always hydrogenated fats and various preservatives that too does not promote health and good health.

We will take for an example Prague cake, the acquaintance and well-loved by many sweet teeth. Its nutrition value on 100 g makes: proteins - 4. 6 g; fats - 26. 5 g; carbohydrates - 65. 1 g, and caloric content on 100 g - 517 kcal.

Or still an example - the well-known Kiev cake. The nutrition value of 100 g of this cake makes: proteins - 6. 1 g; fats - 32. 4 g; carbohydrates - 46. 5 g, and caloric content on 100 g - 502 kcal.

Even if it will be possible to be limited all to a small piece weight in 100 g, we will receive more than 500 kcal - power consumption of an average lunch.

Not to refuse forever desserts and pastries, we will learn to bake useful cakes of the house and to reduce their caloric content due to replacement of high-calorific ingredients less high-calorie and more useful.

the Easy summer cake

Low-calorie and with high content of proteins, such cake is simply irreplaceable on a festive feast of those who keep to a diet. Compare: caloric content on 100 g of such cake - only 63 kcal that in eight (!) time is lower, than at the same “Prague“, and fats less than 1 g are the share of 100 g of a product. Tasty and easy, it will become a hit of the festive menu, and all girlfriends keeping to a diet, or who only are going to make it right there will want to learn its recipe.

It will be required:

For the test:

1 glass of wheat flour,

of 8 egg whites,

1 of h l. baking powder,

of 1 tablespoon of a dried peel of a lemon,

0,5 of the Art. of

fructose vanillin.

For cream:

of 1 kg of soft skim cheese,

of 2 tablespoons of yogurt,

2 bananas,

of 2 tablespoons of fructose

For ornament:

Seasonal fresh berries (as a last resort - frozen or preserved).


to beat Whites in foam, to add flour and fructose, at the end to pour a dried peel, to add vanillin and a baking powder. To bake in a round form for cakes, at a temperature of 180 degrees of 30 - 40 minutes. Then to cool and cut on 2 halves.

For cream to grind bananas the blender, to add fructose and to mix with cottage cheese and yogurt. To miss the mark the lower cake layer with cream, on cream to put the cut berries, to close the second cake layer, to lay out the remains of cream from above. To level and decorate with a berry hill.

Tangerine cake

Will be required to


For the test:

2 eggs and 3

egg whites Apple puree - 1 glass

Honey - 150 g

Flour - 1,5 glasses

Tangerines - 2 pieces

For cream:

Apple puree - 200 g

Condensed milk without sugar - 100 g (it is possible to take low-heavy cream)

of 1 - 2 tangerine,

Vanilla sugar to taste,

For ornament: segments of 2 - 3

tangerines Preparation:

Dough: to shake up eggs with honey (sugar), to add 200 g of apple puree (good alternative to butter) and to mix all to homogeneous mass. To oversow flour in dough, to add baking soda. To crush the peeled tangerines in the blender (it is possible to leave a peel). To shift dough in a baking dish and to put in warmed to 180 - 200 gr. an oven for about 20 - 30 minutes. Readiness to check a wooden stick.

Cream: to shake up 200 g of apple puree, condensed milk and vanilla sugar in the blender. To take out a ready cake layer from an oven, to cool, divide into 2 parts, to grease with cream the middle and a surface of cake. To decorate a cake surface with segments of tangerine and to put in the refrigerator for one or one and a half hours.

Caloric content of this easy cake - about 140 kcal / 100 g that there are three times less examples given at the beginning of article, and fats about 2 g are the share of 100 g (against 32 g of fats at the “Kiev“ cake).

Dietary fruktovo - berry biscuit cake

Will be required to


the Biscuit classical - 650 g

Fruit puree for baby food - 400 g

Cherry juice - 1 glass

the Agar-agar - 1 teaspoon (or as much gelatin granules)

Fresh berries for decoration of

cake Preparation: to Wet

in advance 1 h l. an agar - an agar or gelatin in 200 g of cherry juice. To bake a classical biscuit (as a last resort to buy ready), to cut it on 2 - 3 layers. To grease each layer with fruit puree for baby food and to strew with any fresh berries.

With inflated an agar - an agar (or gelatin) to put juice on fire and to bring to boiling, stirring slowly. To boil 1 - 2 minutes on slow fire. To mix 1/3 fruit puree and juice about an agar - an agar. To fill in with this mix the top layer of cake, to decorate with berries.

The agar-agar stiffens at the room temperature. To take cake with gelatin before giving also in the refrigerator.

Caloric content of this cake - about 160 kcal, and amount of fats - no more than 2,5 grams on 100 g of cake.

Main “cunnings“ of preparation of dietary pastries:

1. Reduce fat content of ingredients, replacing at least part of oil with fruit puree, use a minimum of yolks more proteins of eggs.

2. Apply low-fat cottage soft cottage cheese and yogurts.

3. Use zheliruyushchy substances - an agar and gelatin, and natural berries and fruit.

4. Reduce amount of sugar, partially replacing it with sweet fruit, for example, banana.

With the International day of cake you, the sweet tooth! Pleasant tea drinking with a piece of a dietary cake!