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Mashkina of the man. Where to find female happiness?

Mashka had the First groom a handsome. Slightly the Greek, a little Russian, eyes - olives, the clear head, the erudite, graduated from actor`s faculty of timber institute and worked as the leader of trainings of increase of personal growth, personal efficiency and a self-assessment. Still he went in for psychology of image and a communicative warming up, created to someone positive motivation, emotionally rallied collectives and lifted corporate spirit. Earned

, by the way, not bad, we have in the country a trouble with positive motivation. And idiots who for the money want to be positively motivated and effectively kommunitsirovanny, in bulk, and many of them to the Mashkiny groom went to trainings and seminars. Mashka too several times descended, the groom persuaded her to make new jump in development. There it was even pleasant to it, all smile, know each other, greet joyfully, at once and will not tell that they slightly oddish, lost meaning with harmonies and about the mission know nothing. And expensively, of course, five thousand rubles for the fact that Mashkin the groom retold two hours the book “Delights of training and achievement of graduates“ are called, the author, certainly, the American. Mashka bought her. Two hundred pages how to force the chief to increase a salary by thirty eight dollars and to reach at the same time an unknown state of mind.

Yes, still Mashka on the first occupation called the sun which shines even if nobody came to the beach. But Mashka, in - the first, what she the sun, and so knew, free of charge, and in - the second the sun not only beaches lights, and still cesspools, waste recycling plants, farmyards and cemeteries, but the groom about it forbade to speak to her - not positively. The designer of success can collapse.

And somehow they from the next training came back home and two hooligans stuck to them, whether wanted to take away phone from Mashka, whether just like that swaggered, not very well, but as wind blew off the Mashkiny groom. Together with his positive smile and the same spirit. Hooligans were surprised, ceased to swagger also phone to select changed mind. The head just shook and left quietly. And the groom called every other day, apologized, told that he could not be in conflict space that it is necessary to register in coaching “The tree of confrontation is more whole“, a course - fifteen occupations, is carried out in Turkey. Expensively, of course, but it costs this money, plus excursions and food. And then they it is reached, at last, harmony, will objectively estimate the events and if Mashka is ready to pay this module for herself and for it … Mashka switched off phone, then changed number and forgot about this groom. Even did not cry for some reason … the Second Mashkin`s

the groom was nice, clever and educated too, and worked as the lawyer in some lawyer office. There was it, according to him, from Arakcheev` family, but a surname carried simple - Kuzkin. It so was also presented to clients: “Lawyer from an old noble family of Arakcheev Sergey Kuzkin. What problem at us?“

the Lawyer it was real, worked hard, during week-end drank whisky and abused clients for greed, sometimes visited other lawyers where they drank whisky and abused clients for greed. Still he saved up money for “BMW“ and for a leather briefcase, hated the administration and had two superdreams - to become the chief lawyer and to go to America. Because “in this country to us, Arakcheev, there is nothing to do“. The only minus - was rather niggardly. Said that “we, Arakcheev, never lent money of common people“. So Mashka with him on the money lived and still to him threw up. Loved it strongly. Even became pregnant from this Arakcheev - Kuzkin, very much wanted the baby from him, but it when learned, grandiose went into scandal. Shouted that “early still to bring children, it is necessary to promote, become at first the chief lawyer, money to save up and leave from here, and there already to give birth, and in general he, Arakcheev, wants children at least from Volkonskaya, but not from some Mashka there, and it is not going to spend money for children on this stage of life …“ did not listen to the end of Mashka`s

until the end of his hysteric, left. Even behind things then sent the girlfriend, could not see it. And the baby amazing was born, Mashka`s copy, from Arakcheev, thank God, took nothing. Character, however, in Kuzkin, lawyer, without candies will do nothing, but Mashka successfully fights against it …

to Goa got acquainted With the third groom Mashka. And that - the son adult, three years already, the grandmother adores him, to leave to eat on whom, it is possible and to have a rest - both from work, and from fussing Moscow life. Bought the vacation package and departed. And there, to Goa, only she in hotel moved into, to the bar on an ocean coast came - at once noticed this guy. It was difficult be not to noticed - the high stately blonde, beautiful a tattoo on a hand and languishing eyes. Smoky such eyes. He sat ashore, meditated, and in the bar was treated with rum.

Approached Mashka him, got acquainted, and they are so two weeks and stayed, looking at the ocean. With breaks, of course, on rum, hemp and all the rest. The groom and about a scrappy blanket of the Indian dreams told it, both about a mandala, and about a vipassana, and taught to breathe her upper lip, and “Bkhavatu, to Sabba, Braziers“ forced to speak, instead of a toast it had it, and about wisdom of not duality of Sri explained, did not fill up drunk and smoked yet.

Mashka already began to guess from where he has such smoky eyes, and then his acquaintances told everything to it. The groom is this, it appears that to look at the ocean and quietly to smoke a grass, leases the apartment in Moscow parental, and handed over parents in nursing home - they were stirred it. Parents also died there, at nursing home, it even on a funeral did not fly. Stuck out here as a palm tree, beheld something. To it to flog the main thing that was to whom about Vadzhrasattva`s essence and rum for free to drink, and all the rest is unnecessary vibrations.

Departed Mashka the next morning though he also suggested to remain, to prolong the visa, to establish a family and joint to begin business, our tourists on everyone “meditations of enlightenment“ to part. Said that of children dreams … And Mashka all flight to Moscow cried. Not from - for the groom of this vegetable, is not present - it was a pity for his parents though she also never saw them. She even them found then for mogilka and though put in order a little, put florets …

Then grooms long did not appear, not to them Mashka was - the son, work, everything twirled somehow. And in a year there was in her life the next beloved - more young than Mashka, from St. Petersburg, whether the poet, whether the musician, whether the artist, at once and will not sort. With thin and vulnerable soul there was a boy, the rain listened, Montaigne read, on a rainbow ran, loved Mashka of a thing in Paris to choose, but … It changed Mashka, and with the friend. Mashka home a bit earlier came and caught as they frolic there. On its bed, by the way. Well though that the son at school was.

Mashka at first nearly threw up, and then she began to laugh, and all the time while they packed things, laughed. And they two packed hour things, even some Mashkina took, and did not begin to recalculate Mashka`s money, and it is so clear. Then long seriously talked to the son, but there everything normally appeared, fortunately - looks after girls, plays soccer, does not speak about man`s friendship. Because Mashka though the person and tolerant, but when concerns the son, all tolerance disappears somewhere.

At Mashka were the alcoholic - the writer and absolutely teetotal fitness coach, could drink one vodka for days, the second muscle to swing, and in a bed both - neither to sing, nor to draw that offended Mashka. There was an oligarch, but that got used to buy everything, and also decently earned by Mashka herself. Though she liked to receive gifts … And it will not be pleasant to whom? But left him - proud, besides he liked to drink too as the alcoholic - the writer, and muscles bragged how the fitness coach and why Mashka all three, but rolled into one? And in a bed there too problems were … Still the Frenchman flashed some, the journalist with the Armenian roots, but there in general is ridiculous, these Europeans … Moreover with the Armenian roots...

Also was Mashka already for thirty. Also she reconciled to the fact that female happiness in her life will not be any more. Not on the cards, there`s nothing to be done … Though why - there is it, happiness, the son grows, Mashkino`s sweetheart, parents are living - are healthy, work good to have a rest here with the son went to the sea, to Gelendzhik … At others - that, at Mashkiny girlfriends, in general all wrong way, though beloved husbands, and lovers rich … But so forbade to think Mashka to herself though tears - hysterics of a podruzhkina suffered once a week, calmed, listened, cognac fed a liquid … Knew everything, the word.

And once it behind cigarettes went to little shop near the house, and there the loader - the Uzbek. So looked at Mashka that at it heart stopped and only in a minute began to knock again. And where he managed to buy a smart bouquet in two minutes? Saw what was pleasant to Mashka, and now every day at an entrance the bouquet waits for it. Shop assistants told then that it spends all salary for flowers. Laughed at Mashka though it was visible that envy. And this Uzbek also the janitor settled, the yard Mashkin to sweep, at night “to bomb“ by car of the beginnings, then in crane operators passed to building and that surprised Mashka, construction entered the institute on correspondence.

Also studied really, in the afternoon on building stuck, and at the nights of the book - read textbooks, at it light in the room died away only at daybreak. Saw Mashka, he opposite rented the room in the house. And she for some reason too did not go to bed, waited when he turns off light and will approach a window. And then he made a declaration of love to it, in park, on a big wheel, on the upper part. And when their cabin arrived down, there everything in flowers was, and a table in a cafe nearby laid, both a ringlet gold, and live music with the Mashkiny favourite song. And Mashka for some reason seemed that if at him money is more, he and the Eiffel Tower presented to it, and the island in the Pacific Ocean, and the Moon with all its craters.

Two girls at Mashka were born, twins, and it only from big love happens. And very much Mashka with the husband like to watch from a balcony how with them the eldest son walks as it even protects them from wind, hooligans - that and close do not approach. The real man grows, on a rainbow in thirty years will not run, will be engaged in business. And the girlfriend Mashkina swear on her, say that with such beauty and with such brains could and it is better to find whom, but not the Uzbek - the loader. Also sit at Mashka on a visit, you will not expel them in any way. Then admit that come for happiness, at their place - that is not present it that happiness overflowed all apartment though they and go to trainings, and husbands at them decently earn, and to Goa they fly every year. Without husbands husbands with them, however, do not fly. And wives do not release lovers … feels sorry for

A of Mashka about one - late it behind cigarettes came into this little shop. So could give birth to two more also. Children has to be much as her husband speaks …