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What to drink in the summer for beauty and health? Herbal tea!

our external beauty always depend on internal. The eyes shining happiness, a benevolent smile and an easy flush happy with human life do us fine. But these signs depend not only on composure, but also on a physical condition of our organism. And here to the aid of beauty and health different types of tea will come from herbs. Of course, herbal teas it is possible and it is worth drinking at all seasons of the year, but I tried to pick up that are most tasty and useful in the summer.

Tea from a camomile

Camomile tea belongs to those types of tea which result of the use that is called “is available“ - we will support its beauty by means of the made camomile. Its reception positively influences on zheludochno - an intestinal path, and our digestion is the first what the general condition of skin and complexion depends on.

If you replace black tea and coffee with camomile tea, then will be able to forget about the teeth darkening from these drinks - the camomile has no this unpleasant property. Also the camomile will help you to get enough sleep thoroughly, and the good dream is both a guarantee of clear eyes, and freshness, besides, skin. It is considered that the camomile helps measured and gradual weight loss - due to appetite normalization. Drink of camomile tea reduces frequency, and even stops “zazhor“ - so the women suffering from almost uncontrollable attacks of appetite call the weakness moments when several minutes a half of the refrigerator is swept away.

So clean skin, healthy nerves and normal weight wait for those who will enter camomile tea into the drinking diet. To make a camomile absolutely simply: couple of pinches of a dried camomile are ready a glass hot (but not boiling!) waters, 5 - 10 minutes - and tea is ready! In the summer I usually drink “ays ti“ own invention - I make several glasses camomile tea at once, I add raspberry (it is possible to replace with favourite berries and fruit - experiment!) I knead a rake, I cool and I enjoy. Both tasty lemonade, and useful drink at the same time turns out.

Very seldom, but on a camomile there is an allergy. Likely, there will hardly be a person who never in life drank camomile tea, and be it at you, you would know about it. But if you drink tea from a camomile for the first time in life, listen to the feelings: should not feel sick you, the head should not hurt you and be shown weakness. If you expect a baby, then and you should beware to drink tea from a camomile. Tea from pink buds

This tea I tried

on a visit once, it was to the taste to me, and I with pleasure adopted the simple recipe of tea from pink buds: on a teaspoon of dry pink buds there is one glass hot (besides, not boiled water!) waters. It is better to draw this tea not for long, the most pleasant taste turns out after five minutes of a zavarivaniye. This tea, as well as all herbal teas, it is better not to podslashchat, and to drink its vprikuska with dried fruits.

Tea from pink buds is very useful to a liver. It should be used after (and it is better also instead of) greasy heavy food. It is the most real, extremely useful detoks!

Of course, the beautiful figure is one of important elements of beauty too. If camomile tea to you not on temper and you are not ready to drink it even for the sake of a slim figure and disposal of excess kilograms, then try very much, very tasty tea with mint and wild apples. It prepares, approximately as compote. - the dicheck you throw two spoons of dried mint and a handful of dried apples in the boiling water, you cover and on weak fire you cook three - five minutes. You cool, you ottsezhivat and with pleasure you drink instead of tea (it is possible to use as tea leaves and to lead up water to very - very warm state) or water.

Hypotensives need to be accurater, mint can lower pressure.

Select components for herbal tea for the taste and enjoy. Bon appetit!