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How to make ideal quenelles?

the Chef and culinary author Jane Bakster together with Henry Dimblebi opened Leon restaurant in the Southern Devon ten years ago. For a past since then time partners managed not only “to grind“ the ideal menu and to write the book about the kitchen. Jane and Henry made so many quenelles which turned out by the most popular and profitable dish that them it is possible to lay out a way to Everest and back 33 times. Councils how to make tasty quenelles, heroes of the anniversary share on pages of the British edition of The Guardian.

B than secret of culinary specialists? There are no secrets, there are several trifles. Once he gives a little more attention, and ideal quenelles at you on a plate.

the Soaked bread or crackers add Bread to forcemeat to soften structure of quenelles. Without bread they too dense, elastic and expensive, by the way. How soft have to be quenelles - business of individual taste. To achieve ideal result - experiment. If to wet bread in milk not directly before preparation, and in advance, well softened filler will increase taste and will add to juiciness quenelles. You avoid some bread? Its functions with success will be executed by boiled rice or the oat flakes soaked in milk.


Use qualitative meat, but do not overdo, overwinding it in forcemeat. Ideal quenelles need forcemeat of a rough grinding. Carefully mix it manually, do not use the blender which makes small meat, otherwise receive not home-made quenelles, but smooth and dense “sausage“ balls, like what is given in outlets of a fast food. it is difficult to

of Seasoning and spice to Guess

with seasonings sometimes. Fill a little forcemeat and fry it on a frying pan. Check taste, as necessary introduce amendments in the recipe.

the Size

of the Correct size does not exist. But also those who claim that it is enough to make quenelles “it is slightly less, than a ball for golf“ are mistaken. Experiment and change the sizes depending on a situation. With some garnishes, for example, together with the Italian paste, the small quenelles which entirely are located in a mouth are better combined. However to guests the dinner on which served them quenelles of the size of tangerine will for certain be remembered.


Always fry quenelles before putting them in sauce. Frying increases taste and adds aroma. Those who watch amount of fats in the menu can use a grill or bake quenelles in an oven.

Usually a preparation time of quenelles specify Time by

in recipes. Nevertheless the longer to extinguish, the more meat aromas gather sauce. It is quite possible to stew quenelles to an hour, adding water in process of evaporation.

Taste of quenelles will not suffer if to cook them the day before. In a night they will become even more tasty.

the Stuffing

the Stuffing - a good way to avoid monotony. What to put in the middle? For a start grate cheese. When you begin to cut ready hot quenelle, it will exude from it. In the future put everything, “what the soul will wish“.

Bon appetit!