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How to make the country period beauty season?

Summer in the heat, and owners of dachas have all opportunities to give a vitamin charge to the organism in a complex - both outside, and from within. We do not linger. We stock up with beauty and health during summer violence of the nature.

Green masks for skin: from a frog - in the princess

Any spicy greens from our kitchen garden - a well of vitamins for our skin. It is possible to make excellent masks which will refresh of it, will saturate with energy, will clear and will make skin shining health. Having put such mask on a face, and having stayed not for long in an image of a zelenoliky frog, you will soon see the looked younger and freshened up princess in a mirror.

We take the most different spicy greens growing on beds small we cut, we pound in a mortar that our grass gave juice. We fill in with a small amount of hot milk and we allow to be drawn - so far milk will not cool down to warm. We add a tablespoon of small oat bran, we mix - and we apply gruel on a face. 20 - 25 minutes of the pleasant weakened rest, also we wash away a mask warm water. Having cleared skin of a mask, we wash finally cold water from a well.

It is possible to mix green gruel with sour cream or yogurt, to add polished apple (cucumber), egg white or a yolk instead of bran. by

Choose herbs on their properties

Fennel helps to raise a skin tone, refreshes, narrows pores, reduces fat content of skin, removes an inflammation and humidifies, helps to reduce brightness of freckles and relieves of black points.

Parsley removes hypostases, tones up, increases elasticity of skin, perfectly fights against wrinkles, removes excessive gloss, bleaches.

Cilantro helps to eliminate acne rash, relieves of pigmentary spots, freckles, a peeling and dryness of skin.

The celery (leaves and scapes) well tightens and smoothes skin and gives the notable rejuvenating effect. At the time of Ancient Greece beauties used a celery, and were sure that this magic grass helps to keep youth for a long time.

The basil has the rejuvenating effect on skin, also tonic is applied as calming. It is good as well for hair - makes active hair bulbs, promotes growth of hair, adds them gloss. Rinse hair with basil broth, check its useful influence.

The tarragon (estragon) possesses the regenerating property, increases elasticity of skin.

The green salad feeds, tones up, refreshes, removes an inflammation and prevents a skin peeling.

Try various combinations of herbs, feed, refresh, tone up and vitaminize skin. Do not miss time when greens on beds fresh, magnificent and juicy. Make each visit of giving a small holiday for beauty and youth of your skin.

cooks jam So far

Not only greens will be the assistant to our beauty during a summer season. All berries from beds and bushes - a fine source of vitamins and minerals, and also fruit acid which will provide a natural peeling and will make skin younger and fresh.

The simplest - to wipe a face with several berries and as juice will dry up - to wash away it cool water. It is possible to make also a full-fledged mask, having pounded berries, and having mixed them with a small amount of sour cream, yogurt or honey. Or to squeeze out juice of berries and to freeze ice cubes for the subsequent use.

Raspberry - the excellent bleaching means, well is suitable for fat porous skin. Strawberry tones up, blackcurrant humidifies, the gooseberry possesses the regenerating action, grapes, the sea-buckthorn and cowberry help to fight against wrinkles. Look for the berry combinations suitable your skin.

Small cunnings in kitchen

Of course, it is worth to remember also about vegetables. Do not throw out a peel from cleared for salad, soup or ragout of carrot, cucumbers, vegetable marrows and other vegetables - at first wipe with them a face, a neck and hands. Your skin will answer you with freshness and youth. And that will suit you best of all - will prompt a mirror.

Also do not forget that it is necessary to nourish skin not only outside, but also from within. Fresh juice and smuz, salads about beds and stewed vegetables, berries from a bush and fruits from a branch - without chemistry, preservatives and artificial additives - fine means for clarification and vitaminization of an organism that will by all means be reflected on health and beauty.

Do not miss the country period, make it beauty season!