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“Whipping boy“. Who to them becomes and why?

In any community are people who are above a scale of ranks. They are respected, influential, hold authority. Also there is a special role which is conditionally called by “whipping boy“. To the one who for some reasons gets to this niche, is not so easily to get out of it. In what the reasons of emergence are roles? Any collective is arranged to

so that in some degree it needs someone on whom it is possible to merge negative emotions and sometimes to do guilty of common problems. Especially it is brightly shown in unsuccessful, conflict collectives, sometimes in families. The suitable candidacy involuntarily gets into certain situations, and other members of collective, without arranging, behave as appropriate - lay blame for something on this person and treat with some neglect. The situation is familiar?

The matter is that such person is used as the lightning rod of negative emotions and carries out function, important for collective, in some degree. Unfortunately, all people are imperfect and sometimes feel need for shifting a responsibility share to other person or circumstances. And there is a person whom the community turns into “whipping boy“.

However not each person can be placed in this role. Sometimes this role is pasted to the person, is frequent for a long time, and sometimes the potential candidate for this role does something that pushes out it from this role, despite all attempts of collective.

Let`s understand what qualities of the person allow to place it in this role and what are not present.

the Underestimated self-assessment.

One of the main qualities which can be observed at all “whipping boys“ is the low self-assessment. They as if are ready that they treated them very with disrespect as they feel such. The adverse relations in a family or other traumatic experiences in groups of peers can be the reason.

Hidden ambitions.

any person who got to a role of “whipping boy“ along with absence of feeling of the value has very strong desire to occupy the high status in collective, to feel the superiority over others. This desire arises as a counterbalance to true position among people - to rejection, rejection. In other words it is possible to call it the restrained ambition when the desire to take the high place in hierarchy, and aspiration to surpass others becomes a basic need not so much, showing rejection.

And further there is a most interesting. How people around concern to the one who, on the one hand, does not appreciate himself, and with another, wants to feel superiority over people around? Such person causes disrespect and desire “to put him into place“, than further the collective with pleasure and is engaged, satisfying already the requirements.

Disrespect for other people. by

“Whipping boy“ it is offended for the whole world and surrounding people and has for them no respect and the more so love. It is one more characteristic of the people who got to this niche. They unsuccessfully try to solve the internal conflict, dreaming to treat sometime people around as now people around concern to them.

So, in any collective each person enters certain interactions. Nature of this interaction is defined by qualities of the person thanks to which it can be positive or negative.