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And the death of submarines of the Federation Council which is not opened the secret remained so far With - 80 ave. 644, gone to the sea 27. 01. 61 and not come back to base, and also explosion of PL B - 37 C - 350 on January 11, 1962. A fragment from the story of the author of the same name, the witness and the participant of the described events of 61 - 62, those years when the whole world in connection with the Cuban crisis literally hung by a thread of a nuclear apocalypse.

Black boxes with codes of start of rockets were already open, both in the USSR, and in the USA: it was necessary to give command... Naturally, VS, as well as the main Federation Council of our country stayed in combat readiness No. 1. We waited for hour of “X“. The international situation was heated to a limit and when in 1961 PL S - 80 together with 69 - yu members of team was missing and nuclear warheads onboard we soldiers people by all means thought that all this intrigues hated to us imperialism, links of one chain. Our OVRA division (protection of the water area) in its searches nearly until the end of May trawled the alleged water area of the Barents Sea, but our works were vain, her fishermen incidentally and in 7 years found. Memoirs about irrevocable losses were still fresh, but exactly in a year there was an event not less important, though not become public. In the base at a pier two boats were lost at once. Scene of action and characters not fictional.

Our BTShch division as a part of 8 pennants prepared for an exit in the sea. Perhaps wanted to look once again With - 80. Gathered probably not less than for a month because, more than ever, on the tie stocked up with fuel, BZ, water and so forth. About it the “combined“ team of sailors on 2 persons from each ship for a week went to a berbaza for preparation of products. Not to spend time for the road we lived in a wooden lodge at distance of 350 - 400 m from a pier of a podplav at this time. Having had breakfast and having made a pribirka in bunk rooms, a system went to work. 11. 01. 62., time between 8 - yu and 9 - yu. By the ships - it is raising of flags and a provorachivaniye of mechanisms. Under the ship charter at these actions there has to be all staff. Outflow. The pier a board to a board and with a view of one cabins has boats. One of them, B - 37 that the first board to a pier after a provorachivaniye of mechanisms with a full unit of fire at once had to put out to sea on watch. The darkness is impenetrable, polar night, the first beam of the sun and that at a clear weather and for only several minutes has to appear only on January 17. Everything occurred so suddenly that we were not in time about what - that to think: flash of bright light, an ultraboundary roar, the flame column which shot up not less than on 100 meters, whistle of splinters and a roar of the flying by planes. Whether from a shock wave or from a fright all of us fell prone during snow, by a body feeling as around us huge pieces of metal fall. The first thought which came to mind of everyone - war, drawing a preventive nuclear attack precision weapons on base P / Fishing of. Polar. Feeling it amplified the fact that in the city light immediately went out, and in the sky the rumble of the moving-off planes was distributed. The explosion initiated by the fire on the main post happened on B - 37 C - 350 which commander was a cap. 2 - go A. Bogeba`s rank. In one stage 12 torpedoes of nasal compartments worked. Power of explosion was so strong that “splinters“ in the form of a chain box with yakorno - the mooring device and installations of torpedo tubes appeared in seven hundred meters on the Ekaterina`s island. In the city the shock wave beat out all glasses. High-pressure tanks (200 atm) with the torn-off gates were “planes“. The air pitted from them created real illusion. Not subjects were put to repair damages and standing near - 355 at which nearly on the cabin ruined nasal part. It is good that on it the ammunition was handed completely over. Ruined also a pier, repair shop and so forth. In half-minute when to us the consciousness began to come back there came the silence offending ears. Just now we began to realize tragic element of a situation, by these boats served same as well as we are sailors, officers, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. None of us belonged to the category a sentimentalok of institution for young ladies, but we without hesitating of each other cried. As it became clear further, the general losses made the 122nd persons. Losses could be still big, be inflow at this time. Flash of light and a roar of explosion were felt not only in Severomorsk, but also on Kildin having judged it as the beginning of war. In an hour to the scene there arrived the commander of Northern fleet admiral Kasatonov. On all fleet the fighting alarm was declared. The commander of the boat A. Bogeba in a state of shock and with a heavy contusion was urgently sent to hospital. Remains of the dead were betrayed to burial in a mass grave, and on the place of their death on water wreaths - such tradition were lowered. They did not happen to live up to sunrise of fatal 1962. Eternal to them memory!

PS: Naturally, such extraordinary event could not be left without the most careful investigation and on the most hot scents. For the third day when the commander still stayed in hospital and not absolutely departed from shock to it for clarification of circumstances from Moscow there arrived the commander of the Navy admiral Gorshkov with obvious installation from the Central Committee of CPSU, MO and the sea department to the most strict sentence. The exit board of court which took place in June of the same year in Polar as a part of the colonel yu. the village of Titov, a cap of 1 rank of Shkodin and a cap 2 ranks of Savelyev, contrary to installation of the highest authorities rendered a not-guilty verdict. It is interesting that Bogeba refused flatly the lawyer of the woman appointed for it as nothing understanding in that business in which it was going to render protection to the defendant. The commander left a podplav, but the sea finally did not leave, having passed to teaching work into the Baku VVMU. There was a wish that witnesses of these events responded in comments.