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How to expose the marriage speculator?

Happen that initially the purpose of the relations is enrichment. Such relations not always reach a wedding and have several classical schemes of realization. The marriage speculator - the expert of the business. As well as any expert, he acts accurately and is mistaken seldom. the Classical scheme of work of the marriage speculator

All actions of the marriage speculator are calculated by

to trifles and broken into several consecutive stages. Before marriage or the beginning of the relations it represents itself(himself) as wealthy person. Various stories about where and that he bought what property he has how many borrowed money and to whom are used. All this moves in such manner that does not arise the slightest doubt in its security, in addition to it the feeling of honesty and decency is created. Courtings take place very beautifully, here the man spends some sum for flowers, candies and sometimes even for restaurants.

Further on the course of fraud the performance in which it loses money, work is played or is forced to take urgently the big credit which will inevitably be gone then it is unknown where. Separate acts of this performance can be played also before marriage. In certain cases, marriage does not make sense as it is possible to receive everything already at a stage of courtings. If reaches a wedding, then the man does not introduce in a new family any property, not to mention money.

Stories about problems are followed by beautiful promises that all money will return soon, and the trap slams. The poor victim blinded by feelings and pity, on the one hand, and believing in inevitable enrichment and bright future, begins to do everything that perhaps in this situation for darling. It gives the last savings, takes the credits. Sometimes business reaches even property sale. The situation can be followed by the thought-up problems with relatives etc. There is no limit of the imagination and to imagination. In one case, for example, the man managed to settle the stranger on a constant residence to the “favourite“ woman, having told that it is his relative, and actually behind her back took from it money for accommodation.

Usually marriage speculator uses the created situation to the last, taking from it considerable benefit, and then gracefully vanishes.

What feelings the marriage speculator


the Main feeling which our hero uses - it is sincere desire to help it and pity. If it is followed by love, then the good basis for a manipulation soon appears. Just it is worth hinting that it so needs a certain sum of money as the processed victim itself does everything that to get it. Sometimes the speculator works so thinly that allows even to persuade to accept the help.

The women deprived of love for one reason or another, as a rule, get into a situation of a strong manipulation. They can be made easier dependent on approval manifestation if they carry out what is necessary for the speculator. Differently they cannot receive the same portion of approval and attention in life. And these manifestations are also used as a change for all material benefits. If the woman is also so surrounded with man`s attention, then the chance to get to this trap decreases.

Whether situations when you felt like someone`s savior met in your life? Agree that this very delightful feeling emphasizing the personal importance. If it is not enough in life - this feeling can be manipulated easily that with success and is shown by numerous stories of love swindles.

And it is easy for whom to refuse future happiness and prosperity when tempting promises pour, in abundance? Full illusion is created that it is necessary to suffer, make a little some effort - and life will become happy and rich soon.

How in time to distinguish love swindle

In - the first, it is necessary to analyse a situation on existence of swindle signs in it which are described above. If everything develops as in the classical scheme to you to resolve all these problems with the description of former financial wellbeing, its fast crash and need - it is worth making a pause and to think of possible deception. Stop and learn real information on the met person, his history etc. Sometimes such sober view happens enough quickly to get to the core of the deceiver.

In - the second, realize what feelings in you the elect cultivates. If this desire to rescue it, pity, desire to get its approval and love in exchange for some actions, aspiration to be lucky enough in the future in exchange for the unlimited sum of money now - it is necessary to analyse seriously its motives and in time to secure itself.

And one more stroke which will give the love speculator. It will always hurry you in the solution of the problems. Money will be necessary urgently and unexpectedly, any other help - immediately. Its task - not to give you time for reflection and the analysis of a situation. All other options on permission of its problems will be always unacceptable.