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How residents of Taganrog laughed at Karelians? Also sympathized with them …

I Somehow got to Taganrog. Not one. With the friend. To business trip we were sent. And to Volgodonsk it was necessary to us. But that is already separate history.

A to get to this Taganrog, in Rostov it is necessary to pass from the railway station to bus. Which - literally opposite, through the street. That to cross it, it is possible to wait at the traffic light. But also on an underground passage - it is not forbidden. And if it is not harrowed, so what we cost? For whom do we wait? Well, we on steps and - down.

And here we go on transition, and on the right, to the left of us, along walls, grannies stand. And fishes... Fishes on them dried naveshano! As revolutionary sailors of Baltic - in machine-gun tapes, so old women these Rostov - in fish.

Well, the friend also let`s poor-mouth:

- Let`s buy small fishes, let`s buy, give... Give small fishes...

What I also answer it judiciously as the senior on group that once supposedly we do not know the schedule until we smell, rumple, choose to otslyunyavlivat money - can, our bus also will leave. Let`s sit then on bus station. To sit and cuckoo, goodness knows what is the time. Perhaps till the evening.

Generally, we did not buy fishes in Rostov.

Went to Taganrog. And there … Only left a minibus... Gospidya - aa... Yes here fishes even more! Is simply unreal as it much. Eyes run up in different directions at once. And that then in a heap to bring together them, time is necessary. And considerable. We, probably, half an hour stood in thoughtfulness - what to buy? Chebaka? Chekhon? Sula? Pike perch? Som?

Generally, we bought chekhon. And so well it at us went under beer … Sincerely. I and now remembered chekhon with kind memory this, do not tell we then local as in the first Taganrog hours of beer I saw a bit. With a chekhonye.

We at once on laughter were also lifted:

- Yes who beer - that with a chekhonye drinks?! Chebak should be taken. Che - oh-!

And all remained time while we in Taganrog completed the traveling affairs, local pointed a finger at us:

- And - and - and! These are those … Karelians which drank beer with a chekhonye?! Well, then it is clear...

And what it is only “clear“ to them?. On me, and this quite good small fish chekhon. Very much even decent. Especially, if under its beer...

And on eggings on local, Taganrog, the contingent we somehow also did not take offense even. Good they people. Sincere. Understanding.

Besides, in the same Taganrog, in the market business was. The turn costs small, fermented buys cabbage from the granny. I approach:

- Babonki, quietly! I to ask only. Turn and an outrage - I do not break.

And to the shop assistant:

- Oh... A brine - that, how much?

That, having come off goods, lifted up eyes, looked at me puzzly...

- Brine?! Yes at all. Cabbage, that is yes. And brine … Though take away all! For nothing.

And here, addition to surprised hostesses of cabbage and a brine, from the middle of turn some of already knowing women:

- Yes you pass it, women. You do not see, perhaps? The man toils!

Me the shop assistant also poured a floor - a one-liter jar cabbage to a brine, having specified previously:

- A container - that is?.

But, having looked over points at my, put by a bucket palms, shook the head and got from - under a counter the container:

- On, drink …

A turn, having attentively traced as promptly and steadily the level of fragrant, slightly rather turbid liquid, almost in a voice, amicably decreases in capacity, the general exhalation:

- Well as, felt better?.

- Thanks, babonk!

The good city - Taganrog. Kind, sincere. Understanding. And with good sense of humour. You will be there, and you surely will have an occasion to be convinced of it.