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Elista. What it is possible to look in the city at?

of Sight of Elista in view of the fact that the city very small in itself, are here almost continually. And after visit of the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, of course, the brightest impressions remain from sights of Elista. This time I will tell, perhaps, about the brightest of them.

First is a Lenin Square at which the Pagoda of Seven Days is located. The second sight is the biggest in Russia the Buddhist temple “Gold monastery of Buddha Shakyamuni“ with a twelve-meter statue of Buddha inside.

Acquaintance to sights of Elista began for us for 200 km to the city on the route Volgograd-Elista, on the border of the Volgograd region and the Republic of Kalmykia at the well-known stele with saigas. It is simply impossible to pass it and therefore everyone who drives to boundless Kalmyk steppes inevitably meets her on the way. Also we met. In the early May morning we stood on a joint of two cultures and two religions so not similar at each other, but years which are so peacefully coexisting any more one hundred.

Having taken several pictures, as usual, for memory, we rushed on the Kalmyk steppes, picked up by wind and desire to get acquainted with Elista and its culture is closer. The route, unlike the Volgograd roads, indulged a good setup and an opportunity to admire all delights of the steppe. Continually ancient barrows, sights some kind of too which in a huge number were scattered on all way of our following grew from depth. In general opinion, it is the best of all to go to Kalmykia in the spring when in the steppe blossoming of tulips, violence of paints and aroma raznotravya is observed.

Which - where along the road landings of currant which with approach to the city were replaced with forest belts came across to us, and already in Elista practically nothing reminded that it is the capital of the steppe region. On city streets as it seemed to me, there was an unimaginable rumble from automobile signals, well remember, how in the Soviet movies 30 - x years. First it even confused me, but then everything became clear. About 105 thousand people therefore friendly and related relations are very close here live in Elista. Here also each other Kalmyks sound “bi - bi“ welcome.

It is possible to come out to Lenin Square if to move on “the main road“ and not to turn anywhere. The first impression - it, of course, the brightest and live. Here you absolutely unexpectedly for yourself are dipped into other culture, customs, language. Yes, by the way, all Kalmyks speak in Russian, and it very much even pleases, and we, to the shame, except a traditional “halmg tsa“ (the Kalmyk tea), could not surprise with anything else Kalmykia. And here Elista with the of sight just struck us up to the soul depth.

The first that is evident - it is the Pagoda of Seven Days, a construction, unusual to the Russian eye, in the form of a many-tier pyramid which termination by a spike goes far to the sky. It is connected about Buddami`s family, come to the earth. The spike specifies the direction of the movement from adverse to a nirvana. In a pagoda there is a two-ton drum presented to Elista by lamas from the Indian monastery, in a drum 75 million mantras are put. The drum does not stop for a minute. All children, adults, old men approach it and rotate. They say that it is necessary to make a turn around a drum three times, rotating it and to make a wish - then it will come true. We rotated. Mine did not come true yet, but I very much - very much trust...

Right there nearby, directly on asphalt, the granite chessboard on which the amusing kid tried to move one of chessmen is located. It is known that Elista is considered the Russian chess capital, and this game here in every possible way is popularized and progresses. The age of chess contains about 1500, and they were quite harmoniously interwoven into ancient history of Kalmykia. Wisdom of chess is a match for wisdom of the Kalmyk people.

Pokhodiv around the Pagoda, we hurried to the following sight of Elista - “Gold monastery of Buddha Shakyamuni“, the benefit can show the road to any of passersby there. The temple struck with the sizes and beauty peculiar to the Buddhism and to everything that is connected with it. It was constructed in record time, in 9 months, and opened in December, 2005.

The temple has four entrances focused strictly on parts of the world. It is necessary to enter it in the main southern gate. But as we approached on the other hand, we had an opportunity to bypass monastery on perimeter, to twist drums with mantras and then to come inside.

Photos - and video filming in the temple are forbidden so the equipment had to be handed over in “left-luggage office“, previously having undressed. What we saw admired us. Inside the majestic Buddha covered with gold leaf in a characteristic pose of a lotus sat, right there were benches where it was possible to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. Buddha`s bottom was filled with the burning candles, and walls are painted with plots from his life.

Remembering that God is uniform, we put on a candle too, asked everyone about the and in hope left the temple, before having bought fragrant sticks in a bench which worked right there.

In Elista there is a lot of also other sights of Elista. But the main thing is people, kind, sympathetic, tolerant.