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As gold influences health of

Influence of metals and minerals on energy of the person recognize not only ancient doctrines of China and India. Write about it scientifically - popular editions (for example Globalscience), and scientists conduct researches and make the recommendations.

Since the birth the main vital energy flows in each person. In China it call Qi, in India - Prana. Jewelry stimulates the correct course of this energy, as at acupressure and acupuncture that is useful for the general state of health.

For example, on a hand more than 400 active points which is responsible for action of the heart, a liver, a stomach etc. are located. Especially there are a lot of points on lobes of ears, fingers, palms and stupnyakh.

Influence on a condition of the person

Each metal, diamonds or semi-precious stones influence health on the.

Gold - Yan, a machismo, active force, it tones up. Recommend to carry it at a breakdown, for immunity strengthening.

the Gold chain will help will get rid of a depression and to awaken creative inspiration.

to improve work of heart it is useful for span to carry a gold pendent a suspension bracket on a breast.

the Person who carries on himself a lot of gold unconsciously attracts influential acquaintances.

the Golden Ring on a little finger helps personal happiness, success, helps with career (women carry on the left hand, men on right).

Be more careful with the closed (girdled) jewelry. If long not to remove them can make negative impact on an organism. It does not belong to earrings, but concerns bracelets, rings, etc. It is possible to carry them and it is necessary, but it is desirable to 4 - x hours a day.

If wants to wear ornament constantly, in a gold chain it is possible to make an insert of strong not metal material. Rings happen not closed or to jewels or semiprecious minerals (semi-precious stones).

It is better to carry wedding rings with diamond on a ring finger of the left hand (by the way in many countries and do).

the Ring on a ring finger of the right hand, breaks hormonal processes (reduces a potentiality, etc.) . On the one hand, promote fidelity, on the other hand “two-edged sword“.

Modern researches showed that people are more active if they remove a ring, at least for the period of a dream.

Gold water

If to drink gold water, women become more attractive and charming, natural abilities and talents reveal, and men get rid of a depression, find self-confidence.

Water from gold ware, is used for fast recovering from an illness.

Ware not necessarily has to be from pure gold, it is possible with a gold covering. Such ware can be ordered in the Internet - shop of souvenirs or to buy in gift shop.

easier way - to fill a glass with clear water and to put gold ornament or a coin. On Sunday take a glass in the solar place if day cloudy, it is possible also in a shadow.

Popular beliefs

If gold looks dim and dark, it foretells danger and if jeweler ornament shines as new is a close period of rise in business and improvements of health.

Long since is considered that gold prolongs life for 10 - 20 years if to carry it on the right hand and not to make bad acts.

Clarification gold

to get rid of despondency and quarrel:

Take in a sunlight a product from gold (a ring, a bracelet, a chain, beads and t. ď).

Concentrate only on this subject, without thinking of anything the friend. Then tell: “Let the power of the sun will clear my grief, misfortune and evil intention“.

Clean gold, close eyes for several minutes and present ornament which was held before, you will feel heat and energy that clears and updates you.