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Why it is necessary to carry a cross?

the Cross for believers are the great force relieving of any evils, especially of villainy of the hated enemies. The cross worn on the neck helps to transfer diseases and adversities, strengthens spirit, protects from angry people and in difficult circumstances. the Cross is assigned by

to the person at the Epiphany, in Russia it still call “vest“. During Sacrament of the Epiphany the cross is assigned as execution of words of Lord Jesus: “Who wants to follow Me, get out yourself, and take the cross, and follow Me“ (Mk. 8, 34).

The cross worn on the neck is consecrated with the priest who says two special prayers in which he asks the Lord that He poured in heavenly force in a cross and that this cross stored not only soul, but also a body from all enemies, sorcerers, magicians, from any evil forces. That is why on many crosses worn on the neck there is an inscription “Rescue and Keep!“.

How to choose a cross worn on the neck

the Cross worn on the neck is first of all a symbol of Christian belief, but not beautiful jewelry. Crosses worn on the neck always differed in a variety of the choice of forms and materials of which are made - gold, silver, copper, bronze, a tree, a bone, amber.

At the choice of a cross it is necessary to pay attention not to metal, and to a form which has to correspond to orthodox traditions. The traditional orthodox cross worn on the neck has the eight-pointed form. whether

Can carry crosses with a Catholic crucifixion

the Main condition in an orthodox iconography - Christ Redeemer`s figure expresses Divine rest and greatness. It is as if imposed on a cross, and the Lord opens the embraces for all to It addressing.

The artist carries out a task of the image of Christ in Human and Divine forms, showing at the same time death and Christ Redeemer`s victory.

Catholics in the Middle Ages refused the symbolical spiritual image of Jesus. Concentrate attention on torments and death, subjects hiding a celebration of the Lord who won death and opening life eternal.

Lines of naturalism of human sufferings and torment of God execution prevail:

Weight of the body sagging on outstretched arms.

the Head topped with a crown of thorns.

Crossed a foot are nailed by one nail.

Anatomic details which transfer truthfulness of execution.

Orthodoxy demands carrying a cross orthodox, but not Catholic. It occurs from - for different views on bases and dogmas of Christian belief.

How to consecrate a cross worn on the neck

to consecrate a cross worn on the neck, it is necessary to come to church by the beginning of church service and to ask about it the priest. If church service is already made, it is possible to ask for the help the church worker who will help to give a cross to the priest to an altar. At desire, it is possible to ask to make consecration of a cross at your presence to participate in a prayer.

What to do with the found cross worn on the neck

the Found cross worn on the neck it is possible to hold houses, it is possible to send him to the temple or to the one who needs it.

It superstitions that it is impossible to take the cross lost by someone as thereby we take foreign griefs and temptations. The Lord gives everyone the way and the tests. If you want to carry the found cross, it needs to be consecrated.

The same belongs to any “vest“ which you for any reasons were not able to wear. whether

Can give a cross worn on the neck

Crosses can be given. It will be twice pleasant to the person, dear to you, if at delivery of a cross you tell that you descended in church and already consecrated a cross.