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The last day from life.

Exactly middle of summer. Since the morning the bright sun shone, it played on glasses of cars, was reflected people wearing spectacles, in their gadgets. There was a heat. This hot day could not portend trouble in any way, and, for certain, nobody even suspected about it. But everything happened very suddenly. Stop. Push. Darkness. Blow. And someone had plans: to enter the institute, to marry, depart home. And nevertheless destiny strange piece.

on July 15. Tuesday. Heat of working week. I will repeat that this day did not portend trouble, but it occurred. In 8. 39 between Victory Park and Slavyansky Boulevard metro stations about a rail three cars descended. Shouts, groans, cry - all this was heard. In such weather does not gasp on the street what here to speak about the subway, but also smoke. It is not possible to present what horror the people who were at this moment in this “vault“ worried. The first and third cars blocked an exit to poor people, but the destiny both not so the villain can, and the door, a door of an exit to top, on light was near, and it is good that not by the end of a tunnel.

A reflect for a minute that you in it endured the moment? Close eyes and present: You sit on a floor, in a circle you many people, is already and the dead, every minute of blood it is more and more, the heap of the broken metal and, perhaps, is not present any chance to get out, doors are closed, does not gasp, and the survived passengers are covered by panic. Poor people who the moment were in it there which had to endure this hell, to suffer these torments, but it was even worse to their family. What is mother to be recognized that her child perhaps is under iron blockages? And after to learn that he died. It is pain in the heart, after it not especially there is a wish to remain here, on “this“ earth, there is a wish to go there where your relatives went to this moment. Everything happened to

so quickly. Life broke. Someone went home, someone to hospital, and someone to a morgue. Someone appeared there incidentally, went to excursion, among the dead there were citizens of China and Tajikistan, but they will not manage to arrive home and to tell the family about what was seen, to share impressions about Moscow, this city became for them the last.

As much everything can occur in one day! Think of it, do not give My God, but it is possible and for you day when you can lose everything will sometime come! And this day now the last can? And what you managed to make for the life? Managed to execute the cherished dream whether enough you gave attention to the parents, whether fed houses a cat? Now such time in which it is simply terrible to live, and believe, any day can be the last! Pay attention to the relatives as - as if you see them last time! Let the trouble avoid you, God grant the speedy recovery by that who suffered thus to accident and sincere forces to the one who lost relatives this day.