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As I learned to dance

4 o`clock in the morning. Our house was imperceptibly approached by the ambulance car filled by fighters SOBRA with masks and automatic machines. Rushed into our apartment, put cuffs on my son and took away in the unknown direction. And on the road properly beat. Then the most severe stress, conversations with the investigator, lawyer, jury and at last, colony.

Having coped with all this, made only the correct decision: I - houses, and the son on other side of “prickle“, we begin laborious work on ourselves. There were enough art books on a zone, and I sent special literature on psychology, on martial arts, sports equipment and exercise machines.

Only this way we will be able to keep the health and spirit, I dreamed of reunion of a family and began to take oriental dances.

Ventured and came, a retirement age, physically unprepared and morally suppressed. The body did not obey, rose arterial pressure, to the teacher obviously such schoolgirl was not to taste. She quietly approached me and told: “You can leave, I from you will not take money“.

But I decided everything - to go though some women somehow laughed.

There passed 3 years. The son seized martial arts on a zone and got such number of friends that could already coordinate the help to prisoners in other colonies. It should be noted that sitting in colonies for crimes of a political orientation, have excellent self-discipline, mutual assistance and support from outside.

is possible, so was always.

I danced, at first seldom went, very much was tired. Teachers began to praise me.

Began to go in increasing frequency. The pleasure which I derived during occupations already assumed for me a universal scale. The body became obedient, flexible. Muscular memory haunted, there was a wish to repeat these movements in increasing frequency. As we know, at harmonious physical activities happiness hormone is emitted.

I - orthodox, and always considered herself as the Russian. But my relative was one of wives of the imam Shamil. Pride, secret, the magic movements of an oriental dance everything mixed up how many times I hid tears of emotion when I danced under Amr Diab`s songs.

Where I? Sometimes I was completely dissolved on occupations and forgot about everything on light.

Oriental dances and the Argentina tango - age dances. At mature women it turns out more beautiful and more graceful.

Seizing technology of dance, you sometimes make a jump through a time corridor.

is known to all that dances help to keep youth.

Dances are a prevention of heart attacks and strokes. The movements will not allow blood clots to be formed.

Develop mental capacities through the repeating rhythmic actions.

Is difficult to overestimate it, I was influenced as far as it became easy for me to work.

Dances bring sexuality in life, the body gains relaxedness and grace.

Of course what is wanted by such woman?

… I looked for the love, and I already am more faithful than it felt.

As a moth to fire, flew I towards to the love, knowing that I will perhaps burn the wings.

The son was released ahead of schedule, with the rolled muscles and grown wise experience.

But also yanakonets - that houses, before dances I as though lived others life. I opened for myself the world to which went all life, I in a harmony with itself. Many dream to learn to dance

. But persistent work is for this purpose necessary. And if to your house the trouble was knocked, try, dare even if you also did not dance before at all. Present that the dance floor is created only for you. Dance in clubs, at restaurants, houses and your life it will be filled with optimism. Much so lack it!