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What it is attractive to Zatoke`s rest Odessa region by?

of Zatoke of Odessa region surprise, first of all, with a wide beach strip. If in Odessa to find the place where it is possible to put a towel or a rug on a public beach, it is very problematic, then in Zatoke there is no such problem nevertheless. It is possible even to draw some parallel with beaches of Italy. In Rimini, for example, a beach strip too very wide. Soft sand. Tender sea.

last year in Italy and Russia people felt shock, having learned that the tourist from Russia died 78 years old directly on the beach in Rimini. Around tourists had fun, girls sunbathed, women, men played volleyball, but nobody decided to give the alarm or at least to call doctors. You never know why the tourist “was chopped off“ on the beach! In Zatoke if there is something similar, it seems to me, people nevertheless will come to the rescue, at least will take an interest in what business.

Dangerous sand

the Most dangerous that can be for the tourist in Zatoke of Odessa region is a sand of the beach. To compare Rimini and to Zatok it is in many respects just blasphemous, but also there and here sand very much rassypchat, it is fluffy even in some way. However in Ukraine it is also deceptive. If to dig slightly more deeply - beaten glasses, the buried bottles from - under beer and water, vodka, sharp cockleshells, stoppers of bottles - cuts are not simply real here, and very often happen.

Therefore before a trip stock up on beach slippers with a thick sole like a sabot and you go on sand to Zatoke only in them. Even you approach water in them. It concerns not only adults. But also children. Otherwise - trouble. I was so cut, without observing this elementary security measure.

We saw how the man bore on the child`s hands with the blood-stained foot. There are no rescuers on Zatoka`s beaches. Water so the leg unfortunate the child was tied with some sheets, scarfs which were empurpled by blood has also no medical aid stations directly. I had with myself a sterile bandage and brilliant green - I always drag so simple set on the beach - and I offered the man these medicines. But he hurried in a local first-aid post in Zatoka, and on a question that occurred, swore obscenely first and added already normal words that the child played it in a ball and just buried a leg a little in sand. The bottle splinter literally proborozdit a foot.

Night clubs

People go here to have a rest, bathe and walk therefore cultural life of Zatoka is presented by slow evening promenades on the embankment or dances in local night club of which it is full. They are located directly ashore through everyone meters 200, I think. The local night club represents a tent of meters 20õ30. A wooden floor from creaking boards, a straw roof, wattled walls, a smell of simple cutlets from kitchen. Little tables and dance floor.

In a corner mixs music of di - Jay. When here you dance, the institution really shakes and the impression is made that the roof will just fail on the head, and walls will develop as the falling dominoes. The roof leaves (I do not mean human) before eyes, moves, moves from flaws and vibration from the legs dancing. Beer here inexpensive - on 16 hryvnias (64 rubles at the prices of August, 2013), Gentle Nipple cocktail - on 60 hryvnias (250 rub) . The last is most popular.

Folk art

As for folk art, it widely here is presented by either group of drunk persons, or theater of one drunk actor. It is possible to listen to the Russian and Ukrainian national songs (the last are rare) directly at himself in number. The matter is that frequent at night the drunk companies or singers - singles lean against a fence of hotels and begin quietly first, with a hiccups, but then is already louder, to warm up. Well, and to be drunk. Wine, beer, vodka - everything is on sale everywhere here. So not everyone also always reaches the place where removed housing. Singers under a fence will sing, will whimper and slowly will lie down till the morning. Summer! Black Sea. It is possible to sleep on a shop or just under a bush. The nature is tender during this time to tourists.

In resort towns during a season all like to sing. There is a town of Ilyichevsk that in 40 km from Odessa. You go towards the sea, and here really from a roadside ditch it is carried: “Oh, frost! Frost! Do not freeze me! My horse - I - I!“ At the same time “frost“ temperature in the resort under forty on the sun. Sweat runs between shovels, there is a wish for a cool, the sea, a frost. Who sings it in a ditch? The man lies. Young. With a vodka bottle. To it it is good there. Tourist, probably.

In cafes and restaurants tipsy women break into tears. One middle-aged lady five times began: “Here someone went down from a gorochka. Likely, mi - and - ly mine goes“. But then broke, and it was heard as she sincerely cries. Whether forgot who there to it went down from a gorochka, whether, on the contrary, remembered.

of Cinema

Special point in a cultural sex of Zatoka - cinema. Yes, something like movie theater is here, but there is a small secret: what characters speak about, it is resolutely impossible to understand. Miraculously: around all talk in Russian. Tourists, sellers, drivers, locals. But movies are shown in Ukrainian. Therefore here go seldom and few to the cinema. It is clear, that Zatoke - the territory of Ukraine, but, nevertheless considering circumstances that the vast majority of the population and visitors Russian-speaking (the same Moldavians and Belarusians among themselves all the same communicate in Russian), introduction at least of the Russian subtitlings considerably would increase collecting from hire of movies.

However, in Zatoke it is possible to get to cinema at all free of charge, but it is necessary to offer “tie“. No, nobody urges in this case immediately to stop taking alcoholic drinks and to become the nondrinker. Patience and only patience. The matter is that the ticket collector checks tickets at the entering no more than 15 minutes since the beginning of a session, and then disappears. After - come who wants! Watch film free of charge, however, having passed picture “tie“. As the movie goes in Ukrainian, to the tourist it is not so important. In this case demonstration of movies only in Ukrainian plays against economic feasibility, but on the other hand, from the political point of view, for promotion of Ukrainian in Ukraine it makes sense. whether

to go to Zatoka now?

These notes were written to

in 2013, in August when still the sky over Ukraine was peace. Unfortunately, after tragic events and the general intensity in Ukraine to Zatoka and Odessa will go much less tourists in a year present and the subsequent. But nevertheless, if the intensity degree in Ukraine sometime falls down, I would go here once again. Because Ukraine - the country a surprising, and very broad beach sand strip of Zatoka allows to avoid the wild density of people peculiar to other beaches in peak months of rest. This strip - one of the most attractive moments in rest in Zatoke, it is only necessary to follow certain safety rules.