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How to choose the fitness? We live dancing!

Sport irrevocably enter our life. More and more people young and old begin to dance, go to a gym, to float and be engaged in other physically active actions. The benefit put, sport - the industry does not stand still, and in time and accurately reacts to inquiries of the client. Sometimes the offer exceeds demand and not to get confused in the choice of the direction, I want to tell you about the most popular from the point of view of the person who already tried all this.

Street Dance. We have no freedom of speech, we have freedom of the movement. This “street“ style is more widespread

among people till 22 years. Usually it is music in hip style - hop and R &B, sometimes with the jazz elements - funk and modern. Despite external simplicity, this style demands big energy consumption and high plasticity. Directed by movements it is used many elements consisting of waves, movements in the different planes and vice versa, the repeated movements of all parts of a body in one plane. Forget about a direct back in this style! The main pose assumes stay you always in slightly - the situation which is slightly inclined forward. Despite quite young main contingent of fans of this dancing style, everyone will be able to find in it something special. If at the time when on radio any composition in this style begins to play and you in the head begin to imagine, as if personally you put dance, definitely is that it is necessary for you!

Hatkh`s - the yogi. Art of a twine and pacification.

of the Yogi is even not fitness. It is lifestyle as the Buddhism. To begin every morning with plain “greetings to the sun“, to control the thoughts, to radiate a positive and pleasure. The good yoga coach will teach how to live according to manuals of the famous yogis how to be exempted from a nervous tension and, moreover, how not to give in to it at all. How to treat relatives how to cope with difficulties, to accept everything that is provided to you by destiny, and to be for it grateful.

Surprisingly the fact that after yoga you do not feel fatigue, on the contrary, appears desire and abilities to jump above the head and to remake one thousand more cases. I want to notice that the morning yoga differs from vespers. Morning - quieter, measured, directed to an extension and giving to a body of the necessary cheerfulness for all day. Evening yoga - more dynamic, bearing in itself more difficult set of exercises.

If you look for peace of mind, pleasant and useful training, an extension or even want to correct a condition of the back, the yogi - it definitely your option!

the Strip - dens. All of liberation!

Ya I think, this phrase is the motto of this style of dances. The slow weakening music under which your body itself will begin to move according to your mood. In this dance there are no difficult elements which are quickly replacing each other, everything is directed to disclosure of female plasticity and elegance. It is possible to draw an analogy to such favourite pet as a cat. All movements in strip style same smooth, as well as the movements of a cat.

And in this style your mood with which you look in a mirror fitness - the hall is very important. You have to love yourself. To love the reflection. Subsequently, in process of development of your dancing abilities in this dancing style, the size of your smile when you look on yourself in a mirror will increase. Despite the low speed given dance very energy-intensive. Be going to squeeze out an undershirt, dear girls!

of Zumba. Skipping with a smile. Grant

, this most cheerful dancing direction. Its roots go to Colombia. The Zumb (Zumba) assumes aerobic loading of average intensity and it is intended for cheerful, active people of any age. From only one musical tracks the mood and when you fierily dance under them with the whole group of supporters is lightened, endorphin level in blood jumps up every minute. Music of Zumby is incredibly various. It as well as special tracks with addition to the name of the word “zumb“, and practically any incendiary Latin American music. Choose what forces to move you!

Salsa. 100% of passion.

is the only pair direction about which I will tell. Salsa is not concrete dance, this whole direction of the Cuban music, the Cuban dancing programs. Except a main type of salsa, it is also possible to carry such versions as a kizomba, a bachata to it, kasino, of a point, cha - cha - cha, regitton and others. All of them differ on speed and nature of execution. But one feature, one binding thread which is distinctive black all direction of salsa unites all these directions. It is sensuality.

The percent of finding of the partner in embraces of the partner during all dance is brought closer to 100%. Several years in the cities such actions as salsa - an open-air do not lose popularity. It is an excellent opportunity to show that you are able, to get new experience and just to communicate to adherents who usually gather much. Salsa learns to feel, salsa learns to trust. Learns to work in couple as a unit. Remarkable experience and incredibly positive emotions!

I told about only several directions of fitness. Them there is much more, a choice only for you. Listen to the heart, do what gives you joy and not that it is popular in your society or in your city. The main goal any fitness - programs, any direction is an improvement of the general condition of an organism, its improvement, increase of amount of positive emotions. And all this will be carried out only when you find the direction!