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How to keep beauty in hot days?

the Most part of summer already behind, but you should not relax and forget about hot days which can exert negative impact on our organism. Simple councils can help to keep beauty, and to someone - to correct imperfections.

During the summer period does not want to eat junk food at all. There is a desire to clear an organism of “slags“ and to put skin in order. In the summer the easiest to pick up products for the diet which will help to achieve desirable result.

In a hot season it is worth refusing consumption of greasy and high-calorie food. In the summer we spend less energy as we reduce physical activity and active sports. We move less therefore it is necessary to reduce the caloric content of dishes.

It is worth reducing consumption of fried and greasy food, it is the best of all to refuse from sausage and pasta. Try to pass to separate food, not to mix proteins and carbohydrates.

Many people make a big mistake. In the afternoon when temperature reaches the maximum, people do not eat any food. With approach of evening when temperature falls down, appetite wakes up. The overeating, especially in summertime, does not promise anything good, there is a big risk to gain excess weight. In this case it is necessary to distribute evenly food for all day.

Do not use meat with macaroni or potato. Serve fresh or stewed vegetables to meat. During the summer period it is the best of all to choose from meat products dietary types of meat, fish, seafood.

There is a delusion that it is necessary to use a large number of vegetables and fruit in the summer to stock up with vitamins for the whole year. Vitamins are necessary for an organism to stock up constantly, all the year round, they for the future will not turn out. Eating of a large number of fruit and berries can lead to allergic reaction if there is such predisposition so you should not abuse them.

Grapes - a high-calorie product, you should not use it in large numbers, but it clears an organism and contributes to normalization of a metabolism. Some scientists consider that the use of an apricot prolongs youth, gives to people longevity. Sweet cherry contributes to normalization of work of intestines, and the water-melon is useful at diseases of a liver, bilious ways and possesses diuretic action.

Cherry supports work of heart, protects from arthritis and gout. She lowers cholesterol level in blood, removes an inflammation of joints and a cardiac muscle, relieves of excess weight.

The regular use in food of vegetables promotes natural clarification of an organism from harmful substances. The cucumber, zucchini are vegetables which practically do not contain calories and promote removal of excess liquid from an organism. Crude vegetables well influence an organism, they contribute to normalization of a metabolism.

Broccoli and a cauliflower are considered as one of the most useful vegetables. These vegetables are vitamin-rich also minerals, besides, contain the minimum quantity of calories. Strengthen immune system and exert beneficial influence on protection of an integument against ultraviolet rays.

During the summer period try to take more often a shower (once insufficiently). During a heat the organism through sweat glands comes out harmful substances and products of an exchange. Take a shower several times a day (three times quite enough) to help the organism.

Itself should not add problems, do not use a large amount of shower gels and shampoos, allow skin “to breathe“. Also try to reduce use of decorative cosmetics to a minimum not to hammer a time on a face. Use cosmetics on the basis of natural components and vegetable oils.

A large number of disputes on harm of sunshine and suntan is conducted. Easy suntan will not damage, only you should not sunbathe in the city. If there is no opportunity to go on holiday to the sea coast, then try to leave for city boundaries for acceptance of solar bathtubs. Do not burn, long you should not be on the sun, use sunblock cream.

Everyone needs to accept a different amount of water, it is difficult to recommend optimum norm for the person. To someone several glasses in day are enough, and someone can drink several bottles. Let`s not forget that alcohol during a heat dehydrates an organism. It is better to refuse it. Sweet carbonated drinks satisfy thirst, but possess short-term action.

Many consider that they cannot use in the summer a large amount of water from - for otekaniye of hands and legs. Water in an organism sodium so it is worth refraining from the use in food of products with the increased content of table salt, sauces, semi-finished products and fast food detains.

Low-fat kefir possesses curative properties, well satisfies thirst. The glass of 1% of kefir drunk before going to bed, will have magic effect on an organism. Kefir well removes harmful products of an exchange, exerts beneficial influence on skin, nails and hair - from - for contents of vitamin A, phosphorus and calcium.

The summer period well influences us: fruit and vegetables - on an organism, sunshine - revitalize and load with positive energy, fresh air, an evening cool and the good company - heat heart and soul. You should not pine with a heat, let the summer will present ease, health, happiness and pleasure!